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Forums » Smalltalk » Anyone hear from user Darkandlight?

Hi there- Im just getting worried about my friend/user DarkandLight She hasnt been around for a few months so im just wondering if anyone knows if shes okay.

I dont know her in real life or even her name or anything so I cant really go looking up any info. But shes special to me on here and Im getting very worried about her.

so any info is appreciated- even if you tell me you recently spoke to her or something. I just wanna know if shes okay.

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Don't know them myself, but be happy they haven't deleted their account, leaving a return possible.
Ittermat Topic Starter

While this is true... my brain cant help but think the worst in the situation...

(Cant delete your account if you're dead.. -_-)
Ittermat Topic Starter

bumping this cuz im still worried.

I wouldn't go and assume she is dead. Perhaps just busy with life problems.

I know how you feel,a friend of mine was offline for almost a year,and recently she came back online.

I'm sure your friend is fine.

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