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Forums » Help » How to include picture in Characters?

I have a picture that I want to upload to my character, but I can't find where to put it.

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Go to your character,press 'Edit' which is up at the top and then press 'edit character profile' scroll down and press 'add widget' then press 'gallery'

... or if you’re using a hosting site like Imgur, copy the image link and use the BBC code [img][/img] which can be typed in and the copied link pasted between then, or a dialog box can be generated by the little photo icon on the toolbar where you can paste the link into.
A little additional note to what Rogue-Scribe said: the image's URL has to end in .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, or .png for it to work. It doesn't know how to process a URL that ends some other way.

And if what you're actually trying to add is an icon/avatar:
  1. Go to "Your Stuff" > "Characters"
  2. Find the right character and click the edit button
  3. Click the box displaying the icon/avatar the character is currently displaying
  4. Click "Choose file" and select the one you want
  5. Use the preview shown to adjust size and placement; whatever is in the small center box that isn't darkened is what will be displayed
  6. Once you're happy with how it looks, click "Upload Icon"

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