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I just remade a group I'd closed a long time ago (or at least, am in the process of it,) and I cannot for the life of me find where to edit the "setting" widget provided when using the setup wizard. Last I managed a group it was way before RPR 2.0 launched, and everything's changed a lot since then.

Where can I edit this?

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Is this an existing group or creating a new one?
In an existing group, the menu at the top-right has the ‘Edit’ function and widgets can be added/edited there.

RainbowPitch Topic Starter

It's existing, but that's my problem. When I first made the group I scoured the pages for what felt like twenty minutes trying to figure out who to edit the "setting" prompt you get when using the wizard, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. The setting section is on the "Welcome" page, but when I go to edit --> pages --> "Welcome", the setting widget is nowhere to be found. If I deleted all the widgets from the page, the "setting" text I entered while using the wizard would still be there. I just can't find anywhere to edit it?

Kim Site Admin

Go to the edit group overview page, then choose Settings (the cog), then switch to the "privacy & publicity" tab

If your level of privacy is set to "Bring people in! Show this group in the public group listings and in Find RP searches" you'll have the tagline option underneath, which I believe is what you're looking for.

There ought to be a tagline widget showing at the top of your welcome page, which for whatever reason isn't. If it were, when you opened it, it would link you to the above settings page.

Please submit a bug report about the missing tagline widget in your group so I can work on that bit, but in the meanwhile this should get you where you need to go. :)

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