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I'm sorry I'm not sure where to post this. I'm trying to get back into rp. Haven't really done it in a few years. Used to rp on a site called Quotev but the site has changed a lot. I'm not really sure that I belong here. A lot of times I like to just have two random characters picked and thrown into a world together. We (The writers) obviously push them together so they meet but I like to just let it run wild and take a life of it's own. Very much freeform I guess. Another thing that doesn't quite fit is sometimes I come up with a not fully developed character and put them into a rp that essentially becomes part of their backstory or I use the rp to help create their backstory and their personality. This is what I love about rp. The fact that the characters do take a life of their own, that sometimes when you play them, it isn't you playing them. It's like they are their own being, and you just happen to know their thoughts and reactions. If you guys think there would be a better place for me to rp then please let me know.

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nah, i think this place is perfect for what you wanna do :3
I'm not sure most of us know what we are doing most if the time.
You sound right at home here. I build characters and backstory with a combo of my brain adding stuff and stuff from RPs. Totally fun!
The rp style you prefer is definitely something I've seen present here, I've even done similar things myself. A lot of times I go into something not really sure what I'm after, but the nature of rp honestly feeds that imo. Part of RP is building a story with another person or persons and many times my partners response has led the story in a direction I didn't expect, which only added to the interest. Playing a blank slate character really leaves the options nearly endless as you can adapt and create a character almost as you're rping.

On the other hand, if you're unsure how the site itself works, there is a getting started guide that you might find useful to take a look at. Beyond that there is a help forum for more unique questions you might not find the answers to there. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have to that end, as would any Mods, I'm sure (who's name you can find at the bottom of any forum posting).

Good luck and Happy RPing!
Oh my, sorry! I didn't think that it was going to send as I tried to enter a new paragraph! I was wondering how this cite worked? I am a bit confused about the way this cite works. My friend and I are trying to find a new place to rp, we used to use Google Plus but they no longer exist so we're currently trying out Quotev. Any advice or information?

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