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Forums » General Roleplay » Jeremy's and Sandy's High school Teen angst (1x1)

(ok so I wasn't sure if you wanted me to jump straight into the rp or not so here we go I'm doing both)

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There was someone leaning against the lockers. It was rather difficult to figure out their gender just by looking at them. Their hair was short, but not very short. Their eyes were closed. Two vines wrapped around his arms. It was hard to tell where they came from.They had a red collar on. They wore a black long-sleeve shirt and a red t-shirt over it, but it was rather hot out. They also wore jeans and red and white sneakers. They were listening to Unhappy Refrain so loud you could hear it. Now was a good time to say he was most definitely smoking.

There was another person trying to get them to stop. But this time he was most definitely a boy. His hair was red. Not too dark, but not too light either. His hair was more of a crimson shade. His eyes were a soft yellow, and he clearly had no whites in his eyes. His pupils were like some sort of snake's. Narrow, but not too narrow. He wore a grey t-shirt and brown sweatpants. He wore the same sneakers as the other person. He looked young, but if he was in this scbool he couldn't have been that young.

"Ivy, stop. I don't want you getting sick." "Heheh, since when have you been the one to protect me?" Their voice was rather deep, while whoever the other person was's voice was soft and quiet. They were opposites, but they seemed to get along.

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