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Hey all you beautiful people of the internet! As my title has said I am at a bit of a crossroads with what I want my next character to be. I have a few ideas in mind but I am paralyzed by the choice! I’m hoping that with feedback from the community I’ll garner which would have more interest as well as help me come to a decision!! They are a mix of both modern, fantasy and Sci-Fi. With varying genres

Fantasy: Warlock, patron Trap Fiend| This character will be based of a DND creation of mine. A bounty hunter who uses otherworldly magic too relentlessly hunt down his quarry. His main attribute is his Cloak, a boon from his patron is made of living chains. It is (Semi)Alive and thirsts for blood. The chains can move and coil like snakes as well as morph into hooks or barbs for maximum grappling

Modern: Superhero, Female classic| This one is a bit of a doozy. I got the idea while binging hero shows on Netflix. Her power is directly linked to how much she believes in herself, her power set is classic. Flight, super strength, maybe best vision (love me some laser eyes 👀 PEW PEW). Either that or maybe stretchy powers like Elasti-Girl, Or Mr. Fantastic. It would be a real touchy feely character with soapy moments and action galore!

Modern: Antihero, Lawyer| A Mr. Mark trader to most. One of the most relentless Defense attorneys in West Meridian city, but the newspapers know him by a different name. A shadow hanging over the criminals of the cities streets. A Vigilante named Nightfall. Forcing the darkness to his command he appears out of nowhere only to disappear without a trace, all who’ve seen him speak of unimaginable terror, and ruthlessness. Their own shadows turned against them...

Modern: Preternatural, Law enforcement: Derived from the show Lucifer(highly recommended if you’ve never watched, it’s on Netflix). I had no preference to monster but I was thinking they’re either a detective or a consultant. I think a few baddies would work best here. A Vampire, Angel, Werewolf, or maybe a demon

Fantasy/Modern Fantasy: Fox Spirit| This character stems from my love of both Fox’s and Mia he opus spirits. So what better character than a Kitsune? The knavish, scampish rascals of Japanese folk lore? I’ve always adored them and have had a few characters in the past belonging to the race, but a recent itch is wanting to be scratched for sure!

Fantasy: Ranger, telepathic spider familiar| Another DND character of mine. An elf named Kil’al’ilan. (Or just Kill for short) who has partnered up with a strange telepathic spider named Shmee who’s hellbent of ruling over the spiders who slighted him (he was put on guard duty.. Did NOT set well) His partner may suffer from delusions of grandeur but Kill is a infallible ally to all races as he specializes in hunting Aberrations and and monstrosity’s

Thank you for reading though my chaotic ramblings! Hope you respond with your inputs, and remember there are no wrong answers!

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Make an anthro wolf or deer one buddy :)
Ooh, I love the superhero and the ranger a lot! The other ideas are really cool too though... why not make 'em all? :P
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Bump! Also added a new vigilante!
Fantasy: Ranger, telepathic spider familiar

It sounds like a character concept that could have some great adventure and humour to it.

I RP a ranger of my own with a telepathic bond with her kestrel and the interaction between the two can become quite amusing. :)

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