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Are there any rules (whether written or unspoken) regarding replying to really old topics? I know on some forums it’s considered bad etiquette, and I definitely see how it shouldn’t be used for the RP sections.

I’m wondering more about the case of Forum Games and RP Discussion? For example, if I have an idea for a forum game but someone had already made it, and no one’s replied to it in ages. Or if someone posted something in the RP Discussion section and no one replied despite the interesting subject.

If there are rules or etiquette on necroposting, what’s the “expiry date”? I’d assume maybe a post that’s more than a year old but please let me know. Opinions are also welcome if there’s no specific threshold!

(Also please feel free to move this if it’s in the wrong category!)

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Hey Fishy, being somewhat of a dumpster-diver of threads, I don't see a problem with revitalising games. Same for RP Discussion if it isn't a specific case that was mentioned at the time. As for official rules, well, I'm not aware ofit being verboten. As for unofficial, I don't know. I will watch this thread as I'd like to know if I've been an irritant bringing up old gems.
FishyFrisk Topic Starter

That's what I figured as well; that with games and RP discussion it's most likely okay, since there's a good and fun reason to bring them back, and they aren't tied down by an event!

I ask though because I've seen some people on other forum sites get upset about necroposting (despite the honestly cool sounding name. Like an internet necromancer—) and wondered if this was something to be expected here as well, and where and how to expect it.
The only time I've ever seen it be frowned upon here on RPR is when someone necros a LFRP topic where the original poster literally has a line through their name since the account has been deleted. (Even in that case, a mod just nicely locked the topic.)
Kim Site Admin

There are people in the community who dislike it personally, but the official stance of the site is that if you have something to actually contribute to a topic, it often makes more sense to contribute it in the original topic than to start a whole new one.

There are a few exceptions, of course, and most of them have to do with boards where timeliness is of peak important. An example that's already been brought up in this topic is not bumping up old RP ads that have been closed for months, so as to prevent actually active RP ads from being bumped off the first page. Another example is not welcoming people in intro topics that were posted weeks or months ago, as it pushes the threads of actual newbies off the first page and makes it less likely they will get their questions answered, etc. If you find a topic that was getting particularly heated before it fell off the front page, probably leave that one alone too; the mods are usually breathing a sigh of relief that it died on its own without us needing to put on full fire gear. ;)

But especially in forum games or in suggestions & development, I basically see no reason not to play or add your vote to an idea. RP Discussion often also falls into the evergreen category as well.
FishyFrisk Topic Starter

That makes a lot of sense, thank you for the clarification! :D

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