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Hey all! I'm developing a couple of characters. They have a demonic parent, and the way I write my demons is that they typically have some rule over some random law of nature, human aspect/desire, feeling, etc that inspires their appearance or powers! In my other roleplays, I have:

* The Demon Kind Of Lost Things, a hard to comprehend and easy to forget demon who takes in lost/abandoned items, creatures and children.

* Elvric-Mayr, The Demon Prince of Petty Violence - a snake-like demon who was created after the two snakes created by his Demon King fought each other and murk'd each other, creating a particularly sensitive and disruptive demon.

* Aleous-Err, the Demon Prince of wild magic, a fae-like demon indulgently in love with nature to the point it disrupts its work

I would love to hear any other ideas for my new little characters!!

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maybe the demon of luck? ambition? procrastination? (:P) creativity and/or the lack thereof?
lastly, brain freeze? >:)
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I ended up going with the abstract "demon of what hides in the shadows" but thank you so much!! Brain freeze sounds like a helluva demon //WHEEZE
Interesting! My ocs have similar demonic background, in that they are each based off of a different aspect of evil/ negative emotion. I.e arrogance, fear, rage , lust , jealousy, emptiness. Each one has a different level of mastery over their said power. Ones with a low level of mastery tend to be consumed by said emotion, for example the jealousy one is consumed with comparing herself to others and trying to imitate them. While the fear one has a good mastery of her power and, instead of being consumed with fear and being afraid of everything, has learned to control and manipulate OTHERS worst nightmares. That could be one route you take, as far as how their powers work.

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