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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

For this topic idea I have two things in mind this can will be romantic it can be played by MxM FxM or FxF also if you don’t like any of the ideas we can always discuss some

1. Your oc or mine is walking home through the alleyway but then walk in on your oc or mine killing someone so take them to make sure they don’t tell. It will take awhile for some trust and of course there will be times when they try to escape but soon it will be the love that makes it all up

2. Your oc or mines father has made some dangerous choices in his life witch is why he’s always so busy but there was a part in time when he couldn’t for fill his promise to someone and they have come to take your oc or mine as prisoners until the Deed is done but something happens during that time love falls upon them in a mysterious way

NOTE: this is a one on one rp also please PM me it’s so much easier to get to me

Also thank you all for choosing this rp I hope you all have fun with this as much as I hope we will!

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Hey this is my first time role playing and I saw that you have good reviews and wanted to see if you want to rp with me:)
Hey! I would like to do this roleplay with you.

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