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GM for rp (played by Tjogs)

Vivianne was pissed.
In the morning when Agatha, her co-worker, had showed up to pick her to work in local bar she couldn't have thought all the setbacks she would encounter today.
First the car had broken on the roadside fantastic 30 minutes walk time from work so she was 30 minutes late. Then her boss didn't took it to his small mind that accidents like this could happen but put the blame on them instead. He had told them "why didn't you left 30 minutes earlier so you could have arrive in time here." And then took away portion of their salary.

The pay she received normally was far from good but it was money that she was saving for future studies.
The work itself was just as the pay, but even that was worse today.
The son of local police named Andrew had decided to come for a drink bit after the lunch time. Vivianne hated that man. He was arrogant muscle head riding his daddy's position.

To say it nicely: For 4 years he had tried to woo Vivianne and same 4 years she had hoped he would come to his senses and stop.
Today that jerk had showed up half drunk already and after couple of rounds with his friends even few local customers had vanished from there.
Vivian tasked to bring yet another round to them had been bumped one of the friends of that man and dozen of liters of beer had fallen over her, and all the guys sitting around the table. Owner of the bar as well as Andrew were both furious of the mess.

"First you show up late at work, don't respect me as your boss and now you are even throwing beer on the customers! Do you want me to fire you that badly!?" The bar owner shouted to her
Vivianne Wolfe (played by AdoniVae)

It was horrible. Time had slowed for a moment as she processed what just happened. The loud bickering of the crowd around her came to a slow stop as each and every glass of beer toppled over and spilled, not only on her but who she was serving. Her vision blurred a bit, her stomach twisted and knotted. "I-" She began, but everything was deafening, she could barely hear herself think let alone talk. She sat the platter on an empty table next to her and shook a little. Her hands vibrated and shook like a leaf in a hurricane, her whole body felt... numb.

The look of resent and disgust that came from the faces of who she tripped into pierced into her soul. Soon she was slapped with reality and could finally smell the scent of grease and cheap foods. "Oh God, I am so so-" She was cut off with the infuriated voice of her boss. She looked at him with widened eyes and choked on air. She looked at her clothes and then back at him, "I'm... what?" she looked dumbfounded by this. Truly this was some vicious joke, right? Truly he didn't really just tell her that the day was her fault?

In fact, her day had been absolutely horrid. As if having her car break down as she should have been walking through the doors of her job was bad, but to be blamed for it? And then having to deal with an arrogant bastard who has the audacity to call himself a man. For four God-awful years she had to put up with him, serve him like the good-little-maid she was. Stacking on top of that, she trips over one of his drinking buddies, and is reprimanded for it from the man who gives her a dime for a smile. She was sick, and it was about damned time she stood up against this.

A little voice in her head told her to just apologize, brush it off as if it never happened. Just sweep it under the rug like she had done with so many other things. But her rage had enough of it. That rug was a mountain by now, and she didn't need to make it worse. "Do I want you to fire me? What gets you off, huh? Do you like yelling at people, does it make you feel better about your shit-end job? Does it help with the emasculation you face when you go home just to find your wife left your dinner in the microwave? Oh, that's right, she served your sorry ass last month! I wonder why?" Her face was red with fury, and some part of it felt amazing. She actually felt like she was doing something right for once! How euphoric it felt to stand up to him, after four years of torture and garbage. She fixed her hair, taking the pen out and then moving for the apron. "I'm just saying, maybe if you had an ounce of respect for yourself, maybe -- just maybe -- people would shed an ounce of respect for you." She pulled the apron off and slapped it on his chest. "And no, I don't want you to fire me. I don't want to give you that: I quit." She spat on the ground before him, "And there is your respect, you pig." She couldn't help but smile, she felt like a kid who stood up to their bully. Finally regaining the power she was so long overdue. When she turned around, she tossed a few dollars and some change at Andrew. She scowled at him, begging him to make a comment just so she could let it lose on him, too.

But she left before she could. She didn't want to be there any longer, not that place. How amazing it was to do that, to stand up for something she believed in: Herself. She knew she could do better. Maybe it would cost her place, but it would be worth it knowing she served him his own ass on a silver platter.
GM for rp (played by Tjogs) Topic Starter

When she stepped outside the first feeling she felt was success. She had stood up for herself. She didn't need to endure the shithole like that. She was above all that.

Just look at her. Of all places she used to work there. Why? She wasn't the type or girl to be pushed around easily. So she wasn't doubting a second if she could find another, more humane place to earn money. So what in the world had kept her remain there this long?

As she started to walk towards her home she noticed that the weather was getting gloomy fast. Wind was cold and it felt even colder against her beer soaked clothing. As she kept walking the first rain drops fell on her.

The good thing was that they made her feel like they were slowly washing away the smell of the beer. The bad thing was that they made her even more wet and cold and she knew that it takes almost 2 hours for her to walk her home from the bar. People will catch cold for lesser reasons.

She picked up her pace a little bit as she walked on the roadside. Now the rain wasn't any single drops but constant pour on her. Her hands had started to shiver already.

Then on the left side of the road she see the car.
THE car they used to ride this morning.
As she came closer she noticed the drivers door to be open.
"Strange, I thought we closed and locked the doors" She thought.
Vivianne Wolfe (played by AdoniVae)

How peculiar. She felt in her soaked pockets and felt a bulge, upon pulling it out she saw her keys. Of course, because she wouldn't have forgotten them. But... she could have sworn that she locked those doors prior to rushing to work. She looked around for any on-coming traffic, when they way was clear she ran to her car.

It was ransacked. All that costed more than a dime was missing, even her bobble-head kitten that used to stand mighty on her dashboard! She cursed under her breath and sat in her car, shutting the doors for a moment. The sound of rain hitting the car filled her ears. She bashed her head on the wheel and rested there for a moment. Of course, of all things. Of course this would happen. What was next, a ticket for illegal parking? She checked the window just in case, even the rear window. Thankfully, she didn't see anything of the sort. What a break.

She recollected herself and reached in the back to pull out a jacket. The rain was not stopping any time soon, it seemed. She coughed in her wet hand and decided to just take the risk and go home. The chances of her catching something was pretty high, but she just wanted to go home. She did not want to be anywhere near the place she worked, especially considering her boss is probably pissed at her. And maybe Andrew didn't take lightly to his friends being dumped in beer and then having $1.56 in change threw at him. Surely, she didn't want to know what happens when getting on the bad side of daddy's little boy, so she decided to leave.

She exited the vehicle and headed for home, keeping the jacket over her head in an attempt to stay somewhat ill-ridden. Maybe her future cold wouldn't be so bad? She prayed it wouldn't. Being soaked was not very favourable, especially after winning a battle against the misogynistic pig she called a 'boss'.
GM for rp (played by Tjogs) Topic Starter

Unfortunately, the rain didn't show any sign for getting lighter. Quite the opposite. She was now about half way to her home and felt like there probably wasn't a place on her which wasn't wet. Huge droplets of water constantly were even flowing over her face obstructing her vision time to time... And she felt really cold.

A sound of engine rang to her ears. At first it was difficult to her to tell which direction it came but after a little while she was able to tell it was coming from behind her. That meant that it was going to the town and possibly could give her a ride as well.

A minute later from the curve of the road a black colored car appeared and Vivianne recognized it belonging to Mike one of the people her sister used to hang... while she was still alive.

A flash of memory hit her head of that day when she had gone missing and on that same day evening just after sunset Vivinanne herself had found her. Laying on the ground inside a Old John's grain warehouse which at that moment was empty.
She had been beaten pretty bad, her belongings and half her clothing were gone and she was bleeding from the neck, side of her body and between the legs.
She was barely alive but somehow remained conscious and when she see her at the door Vivianne could still remember the joy on her face. She had tried to say something but had lost the consciousness at that moment and when ambulance had arrived the paramedics had told that her sister had died for the blood loss caused by the stab and internal injuries.

Andrews father launched the investigation for the matter but nothing was found. All she knew was that she was spending time with her friends, Mike included earlier the same day and after she headed home someone had mugged her and left her to the grain storage.

As the car came closer. She was able to see faint silhouettes of the driver and at least one passenger on the back seat.

Same time unexplainable wave of chill ran through her body and she wasn't sure was it her imagination or did she heard a faint cry out in the distance.

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