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Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere

The Middle of Nowhere is a place where all sorts meet from every possible realm and universe. They arrive through an unconscious state in their own world and forget everything that occurred at The Middle of Nowhere until they return again.

The building from the outside looks like a haphazard mixture of fantasy tavern, space station and tiki bar while the interior has a much more consistent theme. The landscape outside is barren, gray rock that spans roughly 60ft in all directions from the building before dropping off into nothing. The sky is dark apart from clouds of varying colors drifting idly by.

Inside the hallway patrons are met with a machine on the wall and a set of gates that block the way. On the machine is a touch screen and a camera. Upon approach the camera will take a picture and translate the text on the screen to the users first language. It will then read:

For newcomers:

Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere!

Enjoy your stay with us.
We ask that you tag yourself and any weapons you may carry, any intention to cause physical harm outside of the arena will have you removed from the property. Any untagged weapons will be removed on entry.
Both the arena and the private function room can be modified using the screen located left of the door to both rooms.

Thank you!

For returning patrons:

Welcome back [Name]!
Please take your tags and enjoy!

Below the touch screen is a coin slot that dispenses small red tags with a tiny spike on one side to apply to weapons or a person.

The gate will open to those with tags.

Inside the main area is a tavern with wooden floors, stone walls and wooden beams across the celling. The spar room can be seen as a balcony overlooking the main hall below however there is an energy barrier that prevents combatants from going over the railing.

At the bar there is a member of staff dressed in a smart uniform, they are humanoid in shape but lack distinct features. If you can't decide on what you want the barman has an uncanny ability of bringing you exactly what you need in terms of food and drink. There are tablets scattered across the bar and on the tables. These will also translate for the reader. Everything and anything one could imagine is on the menu, catering for all tastes and preferences. All of this free of charge.


This setting was initially designed to help flesh out characters for DnD/MOTW/other RP dice games without interfering with that characters canon world.

Picture of Staff:
Inside layout:

Start post:

Rene sat at the bar facing outwards to the main floor and leaning against the bar top. The human sat there in his green military overalls and combat boots, a medics sash around his left arm and a red tag on the back of his left hand. Not one for alcoholic drinks he sat there sipping on a drink that was a pink/red color and the thickness of a smoothie.
He sighed to himself, it was a sigh of relief and also despair, why did the one place he felt the most comfortable have to be experienced only when he was unconscious back home. Nevertheless, he enjoyed idly people watching to pass the time. Elves and dwarves sitting at a table together along with a burly man in some sort of space suit. This place had such a diverse range of patrons yet everyone seemed to get along well for the most part.

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