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You ever got that one song that you can't figure out the name of no matter what you do? Yeah, me too, so this is a thing all about that. Post your lyrics and hope someone knows it, because you sure don't!

Okay, what song is this??? I have been hearing it on my local rock station (I think Lou Brutus plays it too, idk):

i hope that you remember i'll bow to you forever and now you know my name

Anyone? Anything? Because I tried everything and couldn't find it ;-; And it's rock, like I said, so if you don't listen to rock, you probably won't know it. I think it's a newer song, but idek, I just like it and want to know the title and the lot.

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I've learned when I'm faced with this problem, I simply Google a line of song lyrics with the word lyrics behind it. I know usually I end up with the culprit I'm looking for, which is usually something I can recognize when I see it.

I tried this with these lyrics and found a website that specifically does what I just said (type in lyrics it gives you a song) here.

Hopefully something here helps you, because I personally don't recognize those lyrics.
Hey hey! Here is some advice on finding songs in general! As Voldarian_Empire said, you can put down one of the lyrics you heard and generally that will help. I did try with the lyric you posted but I can't seem to find anything specific either, so here are some ways to refine your search!

Once again, type a lyric, but if you're not sure of a word or if you can't remember it, replace that with an asterisk! So, for example, it's say I know one of the lyrics to “Twinkle Little Bat” from Alice in Wonderland, but forgot a word. The search I would make would look like this:

twinkle twinkle * bat lyrics (this will bring up results that will fill in the missing word, in this case, “little”)

But let's say I know for SURE that the word "bat" was in it and only want search results that will have that word there. In that case, I'd put it quotation marks and it would look like this:

twinkle twinkle little "bat" lyrics (this means that the search results MUST have the word "bat" in them)
Or, if you’re sure these are ALL the exact words:
“twinkle twinkle little bat” lyrics (this will bring up searches for this exact phrase and spelling)

Okay, but let's say I'm still getting some search results for the similarly titled but more popular song "Twinkle Little Star" instead, and don't want those results. Then what I'd do is put a minus behind any word I don't want to show up, without spaces:

twinkle twinkle little bat -star lyrics (this means the search results should NEVER have the word "star" in it)

You can also combine all of the above!

“twinkle twinkle * bat” -star lyrics (this will look for the sentence “twinkle twinkle [something] bat”, fill in the missing something, and remove any search that has the word “star” from your results!)

If that still doesn't work, then here's another approach you can take: Song finding apps! If the song comes on often enough, you can try using Soundhound or Shazam; on either of those apps, you tap a button and it will record a few seconds of the song. Then it will search for the closest equivalent in its database.

Finally, if your luck's run out and it's not playing anymore, but you remember enough of the tune to hum or sing it, try midomi:

Otherwise, good luck, and I hope other people find this useful as well! ;u;

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