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I'm new! I never rp with someone on this website! Idk how to even join a rp!
Hi Unknow!

The best place to start is the Looking for RP section: . That's where folks go to recruit partners or players for their group games.

You can also check here: The games with an open door next to them are considered open for new players to join. :)

Good luck and happy RPing!
Hey! One good way to join a roleplay is clicking on the "Find RP" tab in the hotbar (Sidebar under the lines if you're on mobile!) From there, you'll see a whole bunch of roleplays and groups! If you find one that seems interesting, you can click "go to topic" and it'll take you to that group or forum post!

You can join most roleplays by simply commenting asking to join. Other times, they might ask you to private message them! Be sure to subscribe to a post once you ask to join so you'll know when you get a response!!

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