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So, I have not logged into Furcadia in six or seven years now (This was right before the major updates to the game client?), and I just discovered that they have the web client for tablets, so I can play on my new tablet!


I still have an account and I was able to get back into it with all my characters, but I don’t really know where to go from here now. I loved and started RPing there in my youth, so...

I guess my questions are what are the significant changes to the game I need to keep in mind, if there are any, and does anybody have any dream recommendations?

I primarily do medieval fantasy, if that helps. :3
Auberon Moderator

If you don't mind adult content, about 10% of the game's remaining population hangs out in The Golden Tether, so that's your best bet for getting RP! They have an active group here on RPR as well. :)

I also came to RPR via Furcadia and re-joined after 10 years. It has changed visually but has the same feel to it. Though I bit quiet I must say :/ I tend to find myself idly wandering through dreams with no one in them. Only busy one I've found is TGT which is still going all these years.

Up to RP here or Fur if you want :)

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