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What would be your prime setting for a modern werewolf Pack /Group?

I'm looking to start (another) modern RPR Werewolf Group, and I wanted some setting ideas! I was thinking a city, but I'm not sure haha.
I’m not sure my opinion matters all that much considering I haven’t done modern supernatural RP, but whenever I think werewolf group, I picture small town in the west. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana. Or maybe Pacific Northwest area.
A gentleman's or exclusive club based in New York or another large city, not necessarily America. The private club's members are successful and influential businessmen/women. They visit the club to have their appetite sated by the more common meat dishes, cooked by a master chef. However, once a month during the full moon they organize a 'fresh flesh' hunt.
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More of a plot than a setting, but certainly an idea I'm looking at in terms of sub plot haha

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