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So just to keep it simple, I have this Rp that I have been trying to construct for a while. I wanted to start sort of a game with this rp, where 2-4 players are invited to a luxury cruise by a mutual friend. The Cruise has hired a DJ to have a Rave party, but little do they know that the rave would turn into a blood bath as four murderers come from the shadows and slaughter everyone on the dance floor. When the players die, everyone mysteriously wakes up just an hour before The Rave sort of like a ground hog day situation. The goal is simply to find out how to stop the endless cycle, and to get out alive. I imagined it sort of like a classic 80s thriller, neon filled and techno horror all around.

I had to go over that because I feel like a small bit of context is important to what I am going to ask. Originally the idea was that I wanted it to play sort of like a game. I would ask players to come up with a couple of strengths and abilities, as well as a couple of weaknesses. Most actions they wish to perform would be decided by a dice role, of which could be effected depending on their chosen strengths. Think sort of as a very simplified DnD mechanic. The killers, or "Slashers" as I call them also have their own set of strengths, weakness's, and abilities, and perform dice checks for most of their actions as well.

To me, this sounds like a decent idea, but I have started having my doubts. I worry about this becoming a bit too complicated. How do I decide who goes in what order? What happens if one of the players cant be around for a while? Will it get complicated trying to keep up with who is doing what and where? I have been considering just ditching the game idea, and just making a simple one on one rp with no little gimmick tied in. I mainly wanted the game play elements so that when a player dies, its because of a bad roll of the dice and not because I just seemingly wanted them to die.

If it helps any this is the character page that goes over the rules and what not. I am warning you, this is the roughest draft ever and none of it is done yet as I am not sure if I want to keep going with the effort if it turns out to be a bad idea to continue making it into a game. I was mostly just rambling on about the ideas I was having and trying to get on paper before I forgot or lost my muse. That is not to say that I wish to be immune to criticism. I have never done anything like this before, so any and all advice is much appreciated.
I think it's a good idea to let people post as they can, and that will decide the post order. It's a group rp, so some people will inevitable have to drop out or go missing. To try and make up for this, you could come up with a plot point where people sometimes randomly disappear. That way, whenever one or two people aren't posting in anymore, it could be assumed that they disappeared mysteriously.

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