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I'm looking to ask if anyone knows of a good place to host my artwork that would allow me to link my art so it shows up on posts when I add an url to post my art? If that makes any sense, I hope it does... do you understand?
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Ishmael was born of the tears of a mother with a missing child on the beach he raised from the surf to come to her aid. Tears, Sand, & Salt.... he hunted down Ishmeuth who had stolen many children from his mother's tribe. Cannot remember the name of the author of the story of Ishmael; but that's the story in a nutshell. Ishmeuth used pitch to cover the eyes of the children so they couldn't see out of the basket on Ishmeuth's back. Ishmael hid in a log to be split... When Ishmeuth's giant husband reached into the log for him he kicked out the Awl, turned into sand and water, and got away while the giant's hand was smashed in the log. This created a distraction so he could set the rest of the children free. Including the long lost daughter of his crying mother. To quote my father: "I sure do remember that. Yes, it was from a northwest Indian tribe. Ishmeuth and her big basket that she would put little kids in if they wandered off too far in the woods alone."~
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I created an imagur account... so I figured out how to embed my artwork in the forums so, If the mods want to; they can erase this thread in it's entirety:)
Here is an example of an embedded piece I did in either 2019.
Wow! I painted this on my phone... was hoping it would load into the forum at the screen size of my phone. But nope. It's Huge!
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Would one of these be termed as "Mature"?
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Would one of these be considered "Mature"?
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This Garb a strange possible character. Perhaps he be less strange, and more weird if he was being role played.
very nice work on these! Your art style reminds me of Cressida Cowell's drawings.
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Thanks very much!;)
I had never heard of her.

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