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Hollihock (played by Sage-Thorne)

Ello all!

My newest character Hollihock is a hobbit in need of some adventure! She is currently living a boring, monotonous life in an apple orchard with her family, but she wonders if there's more to the world than fruit... Can your character help her find adventure, friends, and maybe even love?

Although I would like Holli to remain in a Middle Earth setting, if you've got a character that MUST be somewhere else, I'm sure I can work something out, like some universal travel. I don't like cussing or sex scenes (though I doubt that will happen with Holli xD) but violence and other romance is perfectly fine. I'm looking for someone who can write descriptively, so if you can get a lot out of just four or five sentences, go for it!

I've got lots of ideas for this (such as the Shire being destroyed!) and I am willing to listen to any ideas you might have!

Thanks bunches~

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It's so good to see a fellow hobbit!

I've got two middle earth style characters here, Kori is a hobbit and Crysor is an elf. They were originally made for DND but we haven't actually started the group up yet so right now they're just hanging around doing nothing.

If they interest you, lemme know, and we can work something out! :3

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