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On any given day, Rotherham was bustling. From dawn onward, people moved through the streets, to and from various locations. The docks on the wide river were host to both large and small ships, bringing in cargo and people from all walks of life, adventurers and merchants, and the upcoming birthday of the King only meant more flooded in, eager to join the festivities.

And as such, the message board towards the center of town was crowded with pages and scraps of parchment, asking for various things- there were letters to be delivered and errands to run. Which made the strangely worded paper, stuck at the bottom, stand out so much- aside from the horrible spelling, it seemed to speak towards a little more danger.

“Looking for Support on Adventure
Going South to Heaven’s Point

Go To Tavern. Ask For Binto.”

There was, thankfully, only one tavern in Rotherham- quite a large one, and clearly packed, but it was the only one. Dawn’s Tavern, it called itself, and you’d find out why- a couple was behind the counter, one woman ducking in and out of a back room, while the other stood up front, chatting away with guests. The room was full of chatting and noise, music from some corner nearly drowned out with the laughter- seemed some people started drinking early, the way someone crashed into the floor and laughter broke out louder than before.

Still, when the first person approached, the human woman behind the counter smiled- and her smile grew when they’d uttered the name ‘Binto.’ “Oh, I’m glad his letter worked!” She chirped, turning around and pushing a door open, “BINTO!! BINTO YOU’VE GOT A YOUNG ADVENTURER HERE ASKING FOR YOU!”

The other woman, an elf with thick, curly hair, leaned past the other and offered a somehow even friendlier smile than the other, “Go have a seat somewhere, he’ll be out in a second dear. Having trouble with his bag.”

When the others entered, they’d too be directed to the table where the first had settled, and then, the wait began.

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