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Hi! I think I accidentally deleted some messages that I had thought I was just archiving? Is there any way to retrieve them?

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If you go to the ‘Deleted Messages’ bin that shows when you are in your InBox, they will be there if it’s been roughly around a week since they were moved into the bin. It says in the trash bin this: Messages will be removed from your trash about a week after you deleted them. If your messages are there, then tick the boxes to the left of the ones you wish to keep, and then choose ‘move’ and get them back in your inbox. Then you can tick the boxes and choose ‘Archive’ to remove them from view.
QueenHate Topic Starter

That’s so weird! It was less than a month ago and they’re not showing in the deleted bin, archived, or inbox. I have no idea of where else to look for them. Thank you for telling me about the deleted folder, though! I didn’t know about that
Hmm... I had a look at the Inbox Help Guide and didn’t see any mention on the workings of the ‘Deleted Messages’ bin. It just mentions ‘deleted users’. There was another older thread asking about deleted messages but the only mention on how long they stay there is in the trash bin itself (roughly about a week). It does hint at it remaining until all parties of the PM has either deleted it or deleted their character or account. Good question for Kim....
QueenHate Topic Starter

Hmm 🤔 it’s weird that they just vanished like that. I’ll try reaching out to Kim directly. Thanks!
You are most welcome.
For what it’s worth, I checked my own deleted bin and there was nothing in it, but then I archive, never delete unless it’s serious cold spam. I swear I read ‘thirty days’ somewhere, but could very well be mistaken.
QueenHate Topic Starter

Yeah, I think this was just an unfortunate case of forgetting to change over to archive when I selected cases. A painful lesson that has certainly been learned now!
I can actually vouch for being able to locate old delete messages even if they don't show up - so long as you know what to search for in your inbox. I've done it several times for various reasons.
QueenHate Topic Starter

Update! I was able to get them back by searching them by name/keywords. They had somehow ended up both deleted and archived, which I think is why they weren’t showing it folders. I’ll definitely have to be more careful when I’m moving stuff around moving forward. Thanks for all the suggestions and help!

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