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I'm on a trip and won't be able to complete any for the next week, sorry!

Okay, here's the deal: You guys give me your OCs, and I'll doodle them in pen until I fill the page I'm using (or if I burn out lol). And yes, of course they're free.

I'll edit the finished photo of this "oc collage" in when it's done but I'll of course show you the individual picture of your OC when I do finish it! There are just a couple rules:

-It has to be an original design. No anime pictures off of Google, but you can use Picrew or something of the like.
-I can't work from real-life references.
-I can't really draw masculine men that well so I may not draw them altogether.
-if there are a lot of requests, I'll do the ones that I like the best first. I may not get to everyone.

Here's an example of what yours might look like! And you can tell me the color you want, I have a lot of pens.


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I have a few girl characters so sorry if i post often. Im gonna start with Mercy, all her photos are on her gallery. If all my characters could be done in red that would be cool :)
Me! Me! Pick meee!

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