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This RP will be set in a Kingdom in Hades. Here are the basic beginning of the RP. It hold many details in each section.

King Tielham Famzuhr is over the Kingdom of the 7 Mortal Sins which is set in Hades.

The Children of King Tielham Famzuhr can be female or male.
Humans can be female or male.
Everyone will pair up with someone.

The Goals of the Demon Children will be:
1. Learn how to survive in the Human World/ Topside.
2. Learn how to be young well manner Demon in spite of their Mortal Sin.
3. Learn to control his/her own Mortal Sin.
4. Find a mate.
5. Learn what it takes to become a Kinglet or Queenlet.

Demons will be given:
1. Free private education.
2. An Allowance based on Subjects that are taken.
3. A small house with furniture.
4. Chance of going back home to a mini kingdom of their own.

For the Humans

The Academy is situated in an area close to Area 57 and many think that it is part of Area 57. This is where the Humans will stay. The Recruitment Office is connected to the Academy by portal doors. The Recruitment Office morphs to any vacant store or office in any city or town.

The Children of King Tielham Famzuhr can be female or male.
Humans can be female or male.
Everyone will pair up with someone.

Humans will be given:
1. Free private education.
2. An Allowance based on Subjects that are taken.
3. A small house with furniture.
4. Chance of becoming a Royal Demon.

The Background Story

There was a ruckus in the Underworld Demon Castle this morbid night. King Tielham Famzuhr was pacing the floor as Queen Fraerusa Famzuhr was giving birth to their –hopefully- first born child. Nothing nor no one could persuade the Demon King to sit and wait.
After many long hours of pacing, the Demon doctor came out with a still born baby.
“Why? Why did it happen this time?” the Demon King roared in pure disgust.
“It just happens. Let the Queen have a year without being pregnant then try once more is my best advice.” The Demon Doctor spoke as he laid the still born baby on the table for the servants to take care of.
The Demon Doctor quickly left in the middle of the Demon King’s ranting. The servants took the baby and wrapped it up. They would give it a burial later when the King was not around. It is always best to bury the dead least they came back to haunt their place of death. The first two babies were not buried, and all of the servants saw the still born babies laying in corners, on chairs, tables and even on a bed. And the blame was based on that well-known fact.

The Queen

The Queen knew better than that for she had her own supporters. Months passed and when the Queen was very round and plump, she had an outing with the six females. Her supporters took the females to a hidden place where all of the females bore their babies at the same time. The Queen and six healthy were whisked away to her family home. There the six were raised as Royal Septuplets.
Five years had passed and Royal Septuplet Demons were being readied to meet their father for the first time. None of them knew that they were half-siblings. None of the servants knew who the actual full blooded Royal Septuplet was. The Queen would not say and actually had forgotten by now. She did not care which one was the full blooded heir and was happy to pull of the stunt.
That was her number one goal. She hated the fact that the King impregnated other females and this was her choice of getting him back. Particularly since Fate seen to the fact that all of them look identical to each other…. ((It does not matter if you are male or female))

The years passed quickly...

The young Royalty grew up to be extravagant and insensitive to the feelings of others. Gluttony had set in. Greed grew and kept growing. Lustful, boastful and broke any Law that they saw fit to break.
By the time that fifteen years had passed, the Royal Septuplets were irresponsible and disrespectful to all, including the Big Guy, Hades. In fact, because of these young Royal Septuplets, King Hades called King Tielham into the Royal Court.
Afterwards, King Tielham called the young Royal Septuplets into his new office. The reason being told that their father wanted an interview with them and perhaps give them some kind of a bonus but instead of a bonus or some kind of a gift from King Hades, King Tielham gave them an unpleasant task.
King Tielham told his Royal Offspring that it way past time to grow up and become responsible for their actions. They will earn their own mini kingdom so that they could learn how to rule and make their mini-kingdom thrive. He wanted to get them out of his hair for not only are they irritating him constantly by bickering and tormenting the servants, breaking the Laws or causing havoc in one way or another.
They were eating so much that he, the King can no longer afford their food bill. Extravagant clothes were another problem as was other material things like treasures and books. Now all of them must pay the price of their follies.

Are you interested in being a Royal Demon? Would you one of the Chosen to marry a Royal Demon? Are you willing to take a chance of a life time?

The RP will take place in

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TheCreator7 Topic Starter

I have a female Royal Offspring and a Male Royal Offspring. I now need human mates for them. Any Volunteers out there!
this is intrigiuing
TheCreator7 Topic Starter

Feel free to come and see what happens. I do have a few surprises in store and you may do a surprising side plot. :)
i can make a female human
TheCreator7 Topic Starter

Thank you! I accept your character when you place it in the group.

Send me your character and I check it out.

Also, both of you may place your accepted characters here:

((I have a Princess character daughter of a demon king and an angel queen so basically what I call a demangle.))
TheCreator7 Topic Starter

Skykitty- just fill out the form from here: (There is a Demon and a Human CS. Please choose wisely!)

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