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What's a MAP, you may ask? Allow me to explain!

A multi-animator-project, or MAP, is when a group of artists band together and animate little snippets according to a song, which is broken up into parts and then edited back together. Look here if you need an example. Right now, I'm hosting one for my group, Auroverse, and it's going great!

This got me to thinking. Would any of y'all be interested if I were to host a public RPR-centric MAP in the future? I know a lot of us aren't exactly animators, but you don't have to be! Artwork with or without tweening would be perfectly acceptable, and completely beginner-friendly.

Do let me know! If we get enough interest, we can start brainstorming. <3

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I’m no artist or animator or even editor, but that’d be so fun!
I think would be important though to really keep an eye out for stolen art because we do have a lot of ppl who do use pictures and art that isnt theirs
CrystalDisc Topic Starter

Glad you think so! <3

I've also thought of that. In all likeliness, I'd have to verify participants beforehand, but it wouldn't be hard to do, I think.

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