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This is my first time and I'm stuck thinking about Unus Annus and Nightvale

1. A female character who wears black and white
2. Knows when they are going to die

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Noticed nobody's given you a response yet, so I'll share an idea:

So, this character's magic tattoos grant her permission to walk into the past and future. While she could interact with people in the past and the future, doing so would disrupt the natural timeline, which in turn would have horrible consequences. So she keeps to herself, making sure her ability and the things she has seen are kept a secret.
Because she can see into the future, she knows when and how she's going to die. And because she cannot disrupt the timeline to stop herself from dying, she has come to accept this fact. Death is a natural part of life, and soon enough she must be laid to rest.

Because she knows when her life is going to end, she strives to make the most of her time. She travels back in time to learn lessons from the past, or to try something she wouldn't see herself doing in the present era. She spends plenty of time with her friends and family, and would never miss out on fun opportunities. She will enjoy her life while she can, and make sure that she's done everything she could ever want to do.

How's this?
CottonCandyGirl Topic Starter

I love this idea! Thank you for responding!
Perhaps she wears black and white for sentimental reasons as well as logical ones - not only do they remind her of her family, whose tattoos when they have them are black and white, but also she can be fairly sure of not upsetting any fashions with simple black and white.
For her appearance, what about red hair and brown eyes? Maybe with freckles, or very tan, or deep golden-brown skin? She probably changes her appearance for fun, but also would like a sense of permanence in her life, so it's unlikely she'd change it too much unless she's really embracing change. Maybe new hair styles, but no new colors? Or she has a lot of piercings that she takes out when she needs to go very far back in time.
CottonCandyGirl Topic Starter

Ooooo Those are also good ideas
Thought I'd add something in before this event ends ^^. Call this a little angsty, but what if one of her loved ones, whether it be a friend, family member, or even lover finds out when she's going to die? Either through her telling them, or through other means. Then, without really understanding how fragile the flow of time is, they attempt to try and alter the future to prevent her (what I'm assuming to be a premature) death, or at least push it off and give her longer life. Now this character has to find a way to stop her loved one from essentially saving her life, in order to keep time moving properly.
They only have 1 year to live, and then the character is deleted.
Kim Site Admin

Maybe she is fully color-blind, and so wears black and white because that way she KNOWS she is properly coordinated?

Or maybe she has REALLY BRIGHTLY COLORED HAIR and uses the black and white to show off their hair and tattoos to best effect?

Perhaps she is cursed/blessed with magic tattoos - these are not tattoos that she went out and got. Randomly, she wakes up with a new tattoo on her body that depicts some event that will happen in the near-ish (within her lifetime) future. The reason she knows when she will die is because the exact circumstances appeared on her body one day, and she is forced to look at her own death whenever she bathes.

Maybe she makes her money by stock market speculation, trying to interpret her tattoos for clues as to what will fail/make it big in society in the future.

She is a thrill seeker and risk taker because she feels invincible knowing that none of these stunts are the thing that is going to kill her, and also because she is trying to feel ALL THE BIG FEELINGS and pack in as much living as possible before the dreaded day arrives.

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