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Hi everyone! So since I'm still fairly new to this site, I thought it would be fun to get involved in a community event like this!

Okay, so I'm looking for a character that....

•Is a changeling
•Is terrified of their own kind
•Has magic powers related to fungi
(Welcome to the site!)
Note to Mods wrote:
I would like to be exempt from the raffle for more RPR character slots, I'm just joining in for fun
Legends say that the fae would sometimes steal a human child and replace it with a changeling. Their reason for doing so always varies: to thrive on the love of a human child, to treat it as a servant, or merely out of malice for the victim of their theft. Whatever the cause, this was what happened with our hero. As a newborn, they were swapped out for the infant of an elderly grandmother. Her daughter had passed after birthing a baby, and the father fell to sickness, so their wee one was entrusted to her care. She had no way of knowing that it was swapped out for a changeling before it could even reach her home. Unwittingly, she raised it with love and tender affection, teaching it to be just as gentle and generous. It wasn't until the babe was four or five that she became aware of its true nature. Animals were never spooked away from it, her garden grew more vibrantly as soon as it was old enough to help tend it, and when it danced for the first time, mushrooms sprang up from the grass wherever its feet had touched.

It is believed a fairy ring- a circle of mushrooms- forms when fae dance in a circle under the moonlight. Some believe they are portals to the fairy's home, and if one waits inside of the circle for long enough, they will be whisked away to the other side. Though the elderly woman grieved the loss of her true grandchild, she knew better than to blame the little changeling. She taught them to conceal what they are, and to always avoid fairy forests and rings, lest the fae one day return to reclaim them. They live in fear of being taken back by the ken who abandoned them in the first place. However, part of them always wonders if their "twin" is still alive, why the fairy chose to take it, and if there is some way to find and save them, to mend their grandmother's broken heart. They come to learn that their odd affinity for fungi isn't just plant-based magic: they possess the power to create fae pockets in reality, and if they learn to wield this power proficiently, they could create an entrance straight to the fae realm. They could go there in search of their "twin"... if only they could work up the courage to do so.
perhaps the character loves to cook, and likes to create delicious meals out of the mushrooms that their powers are related to? maybe they can create mushrooms with all sorts of uses (delicious ones, poisonous ones, ones with various magical properties such as healing or granting new, temporary abilities (increased strength or speed, invisibility, elemental powers, or any other ideas you like really-)) maybe they sell these mushrooms for a profit, or maybe they give them out for free, to help others. or maybe they are afraid to share their gift because they accidentally hurt someone in the past, by giving them the wrong type of mushrooms.
on another note, I'm picturing a very muted, earthy colour scheme. browns and greens mainly. but then again, the idea of glowing or brilliantly coloured mushrooms could be incorporated into the design. or even a startling blend of both muted and very vivid colours.
Woooah both those are so cool, what if she's actually a friend to a sentient mushroom, too? She didn't create it on purpose, maybe, but she allowed it to appear from time to time and it's her best buddy (aside from her grandmother and a couple of the village kids). It can communicate very slowly, and has a great and wise intelligence! Luckily, although it's technically related to fae magic, it seems to be on her side.
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Perhaps, because fungi are found absolutely everywhere and often create crazy networks underground, one of the powers this changeling has is a sort of clairvoyance where they see through the network of fungi? Given that fairy rings are so often formed via mushrooms, they can use this power to keep an eye out for full-fae coming through and potentially causing trouble.

Another idea: the character is non-binary.

Another idea: messy, razor-chopped hair they lop short at home.

Another idea: Really enjoys decorating with polka-dots and tie-dye
Aisling (played by ZeeTheBee) Topic Starter

(Here she is! Thank you all so much for your amazing ideas! :D)
Aisling wrote:
(Here she is! Thank you all so much for your amazing ideas! :D)
I think she's great ^u^

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