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Haha, hello everyone!

I wasn't sure if this topic would be on the RP discussion board or this one. I figured the Small Talk is more of a catch all thread so here I am. My mind has been in Mass Effect mode for a while now. I blame Legendary Edition that got released a few months back... But it got me thinking about all my ME OCs. I mean, if you were around when the ME3 multiplayer servers were active, you know your playable characters turned into OCs. Not all are listed on my profile but I might one day make one whole character tab with all of them. I really like the ME setting, even though some of the world building has some gaps in it, it's still pretty solid. Probably one of my favorite soft sci-fi settings.

But! That being said, it got me thinking... I was wondering if there was a group on here that was for ME players. I did a search but I didn't see anything, which I am kind of surprised about. I have seen groups for DC and Marvel verses. Or maybe I'm just horrible at the search function. Which to be fair, could be true.

Anyways, I would love to see other people's OCs if they have them. I love seeing other people's characters. Also, I want to make more ME friends and possibly future rp partners. Right now I do have a few going on which I need to reply back to, but never say never.
I know this is abit old but I figured I'd reply to it anyway . To answer you're question though yes I do have a Mass Effect character ^^. I haven't put her up just yet, though I've definitely been thinking about doing that

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