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Haha, hello everyone!

I wasn't sure if this topic would be on the RP discussion board or this one. I figured the Small Talk is more of a catch all thread so here I am. My mind has been in Mass Effect mode for a while now. I blame Legendary Edition that got released a few months back... But it got me thinking about all my ME OCs. I mean, if you were around when the ME3 multiplayer servers were active, you know your playable characters turned into OCs. Not all are listed on my profile but I might one day make one whole character tab with all of them. I really like the ME setting, even though some of the world building has some gaps in it, it's still pretty solid. Probably one of my favorite soft sci-fi settings.

But! That being said, it got me thinking... I was wondering if there was a group on here that was for ME players. I did a search but I didn't see anything, which I am kind of surprised about. I have seen groups for DC and Marvel verses. Or maybe I'm just horrible at the search function. Which to be fair, could be true.

Anyways, I would love to see other people's OCs if they have them. I love seeing other people's characters. Also, I want to make more ME friends and possibly future rp partners. Right now I do have a few going on which I need to reply back to, but never say never.
I know this is abit old but I figured I'd reply to it anyway . To answer you're question though yes I do have a Mass Effect character ^^. I haven't put her up just yet, though I've definitely been thinking about doing that
Hmm... I created an Engineer for the Eclipse mercenary group a good while back. A shame. I think I lost the write-up.

I also once considered doing a short game for play by post called, "Get Archangel!" which was, of course, set on Omega, and would feature the players trying to take out Garrus and likely getting massacred when Shepard arrived.
ClockworkDragon Topic Starter

Its okay with late replies! Love to see new people. My work has been crazy busy anyways, with the edition of a family member passing away last week has been rough.

Regardless, thank you for stopping on by. I have way too many Mass Effect OCs to make accounts for all of them. Toying with the idea of making one character profile to store them all. My current favorite however is my turian female pilot, Davina. I recently got one of my favorite artists to commission her. I have been dying to use her more. The one thread I was doing that I was in love with sadly died. Haven't heard from my rp partner in months... Such as life though.

Does anyone have any fun aliens ocs from Mass Effect? Most of mine are. I think I only have one human oc but they are an adept so.... space magic, haha.
The only OC I have set in stone is my Shepard-rendition - tbh though, I love the Mass Effect universe so much, I really need to make at least a small handful of actual OCs for the universe ;A;
Yeah!! I have two Asari characters named Marin and 1 that joins the N7 program and the other is part of a merc gang. one human character that was apart of a special ops group in Cerberus and a Quarian
I've only really just got into mass effect(I just got a platform to play it on) but I have 2 OC's. Ones an elcor battlemaster type character with a starship cannon on his back, and a Krogan who I unintentionally made nearly exactly like grunt, just that he's more black and crimson than blue and white. I'm revising him now, but I have been itching for an RP with either of them. I was hoping someone had a slot open that I can squeeze into, or could point me in the general direction of someone who does. If not, that's also totally OK.
Nice!! I do hope you've enjoyed what you've been playin so far. I need to buy the Legendary edition? (I think thats what its called?) So I can get back into it. Kinda mad I have to start from scratch again though since i hadn't finished the dlc on ME3 yet >.<

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