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Forums » Looking for RP » Desperate for a romance role play {Adv. Lit}

Hello! I’ve had like one active roleplays all month and it is making me a little sad so I would like to find some people to roleplay with! I have been roleplaying for about 11 years and I am advance lit! PLEASE BE ABLE TO DO MULTIPLE PARAGRAPHS! Without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff!

Gender Pairing Preferences:
•MxF, I play female.
•FxN!B, I would play female

Fandoms (Only OCs unless you want to play a canon character, I do not play canon):
•Harry Potter
•Percy Jackson
•My Hero Academia
•Lord of the Rings
•Doctor Who
•Owl House
•Studio Ghibli

Prompts (My preferred role in bold):
•Pirate x Commoner/Royal
•Rebel x Timid
•Extrovert x Introvert
Witch x Human
Witch x Mythical Being
•Vampire x Human
•Werewolf x Human
•Grumpy x Bubbly
•Poor x Rich
•Zombie apocalypse
•Rivals to lovers

Of course please come to me with your own ideas! If you would like to roleplay please PM me!

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Tiff_the_Odd Topic Starter

i'd be down for somthing harry potter, percy jackson, or mha :3
i do have ocs for all three though i also can play ccs
here are the characters i can play for each:

harry potter
lapis black (OC) (fem or n-b)
isabella lupin (marauders - OC) (fem)
luna lovegood
hermione granger

percy jackson
(unnamed OC - still in the making - daughter of artemis 👀 or athena)

sakura yuri (OC - fem - quirk: control)
setsuyama meiyuki (OC - any gender - traitor bcuz we love that - quirk: illusion)
mina ashido
tsuyu asui
katsuki bakugou
kyoka jirou
ochaco uraraka
mei hatsume
emi fukukado
eijirou kirishima
midnight/nemuri kayama

so yeah! hmu if ur interested?
Tiff_the_Odd Topic Starter

Still open

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