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Leroy Valentine (played by KingDragon) Topic Starter

The mech said, "You are very welcome, my friend! Find me wandering the streets around here sometime! I think I may stay awhile." He then turned to the ponytaur that had galloped up, and said, "Well aren't you extravagantly dressed! How very beautiful your scarves are. You practically are glowing in the pale moonlight. Here; I have something special for you..." and rummaged around in a separate bin. He pulled out a single candy apple with a rich, void black chocolate coating. His center eye opened, and a small torch came forth. A gentle blue flame emitted and licked the outside shell, turning it glossy. He then handed it to the ponytaur, saying, "I made these myself, after nearly 20 years of acquiring ingredients and recipes. I've easily traveled a million miles, carried over 750,000 pounds of material, and arena credits that, if converted to USD, would be well over a quarter million. I got the richest, smoothest chocolate from a recipe that has been perfected by dutch culinary masterminds, the caramel directly under the chocolate I literally has to fight in a ring for. The apple is a Tibetan apple, supposedly with a flavor sweeter than honey, and is the crispest apple on earth. Please; this batch is the culmination of everything I did outside of my current job, so please enjoy."

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Cavalia (played by Kim)

Cavalia extends a hand to receive the apple, her lips carefully sealed until it has been deposited into her palm, as if she is afraid that the mech is going to change its mind about giving her such a treasure.

"You're joking," she breathes when the explanation is done, taking a few steps back (perhaps concerned that he'll try to take it back from her now that she has it?). She brings the apple up to her eyes to squint at it closely. "You're pulling my legs, right?"
Leroy Valentine (played by KingDragon) Topic Starter

"I am not in any way shape or form pulling your legs. I am giving you one of the 24 I have. Your clothes give an air of elegance and tell clearly that you preform, and in front of expensive audiences, much like me. You probably work never-endingly to ensure your performance is of utmost quality. I believe, as a reward for your efforts, you deserve the best I can offer. It is all yours. And no, I did not lie about the ingredients or the time it took for me to get this one batch." He said. He projected a map on the ground, showing a bright yellow line and a projection of the earth, showing exactly where he travelled, and how much time he spent on each leg of the journey. "As you can see, everything I said was entirely true." He added, "I fought a hundred thousand battles to get this, and you may think me crazy to do this. If it wasn't the dying wish of a dear friend, I probably wouldn't have done it at all."
Cavalia (played by Kim)

Cavalia's expression is very serious as she studies the presentation that the mech gives her. She seems to be attempting to memorize as many of the place names and details as she can.

"That's -- uh.... Very kind of you. You have... weird friends. But I'm not going to complain!"

Hoofstep by hoofstep, she backs away, holding the apple ever so carefully, until she is far enough away to gallop away at top speed. She has to get something this precious somewhere safe immediately!

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