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Rin youkai (played by starwolf)

*a modern house with a dark grey and light colors all the surround the house when walking towards it a small fountain is spitting out water with a statue of a eye seemingly staring at you in every direction a demon the normal height of a human but a inch taller with his black boots on and he stood outside with a plastic punk in filled with treats and cookies and cupcakes also hoping Rin wouldn’t scare off anyone from what he looked like*
A short man wearing a black hat and having a jacket hang off his shoulders walked through the yard up to rin."name konikida and I saw the way you were standing out here. Are you perhaps handing out treats... so trick or treat." he says in a monotone voice while keeping his handsnin his pockets.
Rin youkai (played by starwolf) Topic Starter

*he tilted his head* “yea I am uh do you want some for Halloween my little brother made some cupcakes too if you like pastries for Halloween and the names Rin”*he grinned at him*

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