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I just think it'd be cool if...


Description: The option to select a "featured character" to display ontop of the list of characters we have displayed on our profile. I know there is already a "feature character" selection in the character options (to display them on our profile) and a "retired" option (to not display them on our profile...) but, I think it'd be super neat if we could crown one singular OC we really wanna write with at the moment. It might make intentions more streamline for people who don't want to be as straight forward as others... or just give a little spotlight on our favourite brain-child. That's perfectly valid too! <3

Whatever the reason, I think it'd be neat to have a designated spot. Especially since I have a lot of OCs. (Mostly private, but oh well)
I'm sure other people can relate to that! least a few people.
Kim Site Admin

This is interesting! I'm not able to commit to offering this for sure right now, but I will think on it.

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