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Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Mercenaries were known for doing the work done either its bodyguarding a noble, temporary enlisted soldier, doing dirty works for the corrupt, or expedition guardsman. Every Mercenary has a guild or group which they are professional for a price and some are just independent or wanderers from place to place. Now one mercenary named Kino Onstone which is skilled with a bow and axe is well known for taking down dangerous creatures that lurk in the dark, wendigo for example. Now he is outside of the tavern sitting on a bench drinking a mug of booze and now he is just gazing at the sky.

The Question is...How you will approach him?

( I can play multiple characters either are the common people, monsters or villains)

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"Hullo," a small man says adorned in leather covered in pockets. At first glance, he appears to be a child with red hair and green eyes. Upon further inspection, you realize that he is actually a halfling, or what some might call a hobbit. He looks up at the dark-haired man for a moment. "I don't suppose you are available to hire," the halfling inquires. "I have a bit of a job. It's a simple one, but it could... er, get rather complicated."
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate) Topic Starter

Kino looks at the Halfling knowing it's rare for him to see one since most he knew only dwarves and elves during his 5 years of experience. So puts his mug right new to him and replied.

"It's rare to see your kind of race here in this kingdom. Also cut to the chase and there is nothing that I can handle. Either it's bodyguarding, killing bandits, or soldier-for-hire stuff. So what is it anyway?"
"Ah, I can see you are a man that appreciates getting right to the point," The halfling began. He looks around for a barmaid. "Please refresh my friend's drink and bring me your finest house ale!"

He turns back to the mercenary. "Fair enough, I am known as Slappy," the small man continued. "You are correct when you say it is rare to see my kind here as The Shires are some distance from this land. My business is simple. I'm a postal hobbit. I deliver packages and letters far and wide. My escorts and I have parted ways. I seek protection for the next leg of my journey, or however long you wish to travel with me, provided a suitable arrangement can be reached. I will need both a bodyguard and someone who can deal with bandits. My postal wagon will require protection. The route I am about to travel is known for bandits, orcs, goblins, and other unpleasantries. Would you be interested?"
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate) Topic Starter

The barmaid nod as she went inside to fetch their Ale. Kino introduce his name and listened to his request since he haven't had mercenary work for almost a month. He gets the memo of what Slappy's request is since he has experience in bodyguarding before.

" Before I accept, How many coins you will provide for this bodyguarding work? Since we don't know what danger lurks on that route you've chosen. "

The Barmaid came back with their ale as she puts it on the bench. So Kino grab his and started to chug. Next to him is his worn out lumberjack axe.

( Just a reminder I can reply daily since I don't have much time on RP.)
The halfling gave the barmaid some coins for the drinks.

"Fair enough," Slappy agrees. "There will be plenty of danger, that is all I can guarantee. You are responsible for your own gear. I will pay for your meals and lodging if we are staying in a village for the night. However, there will be many a cold night where we will be on the open road with no inn or tavern for miles. I sleep in the wagon and you are welcome to try to sleep there, too. However, it is a bit... er, um cramped for someone of your stature. I would recommend getting a bedroll at minimum but you might want a small tent. As for payment, how does 5 coins a day sound in addition to food and lodging in town?"

OOC: I can post daily in most cases. If I will be unavailable for more than a day or two, I will try to let you know. I am okay with others joining us if they can keep up.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate) Topic Starter

Kino stroke his mustache as he take understanding of what Slappy said.

"Yeah I wouldn't expect that much of a danger. Also 5 gold a day ain't a half-bad of a deal and don't worry about me since I get used to sleeping outdoor before coming here to this kingdom. Also, don't worry about food when were out far from the village since I was a hunter from my homeland and it would be a child play to find prey of deer or hare."
"Oh, you might be surprised my friend," Slappy says stroking his chin thoughtfully. He had experienced quite a bit of danger and close calls in his travels. After all, if the world were safe, he wouldn't be hiring a henchman for protection. "It is good to hear that you can hunt. I do detest dry rations. Hardtack is flavorless and dreadfully boring. I do enjoy a nice hot meal! I have a pot and utensils and can cook any game you can provide us on our travels. I do take advantage anytime I find a tavern. Nothing beats a warm cup of mutton stew or a hot shepherd pie! I do also fancy hot tarts..."

The hobbit is distracted momentarily by the thought of food. "Well, it sounds like the terms are agreeable and we have ourselves a deal," Slappy finally says. "We shall set off in the morning, after breakfast of course! I can pay you a small bit before we depart, but this isn't my first harvest! I've learned that if I pay upfront, bodyguards and henchmen are more prone to surrender or flee at the first sign of trouble. But don't worry friend, I will make sure you are well taken care of if you hold up your end."
Jackson Rampart (played by TemtoeZ)

As the two are talking a large bipedal Wolf beast steps out from the tree line seeing the two about about to dash across and attack them. Just as it tried to take its second step there was a loud boom as a hole erupted from the beast's chest spraying blood all the way to the tavern. As the beast thumps onto the ground a man walks out from the tree line. Holstering his flintlock like pistol he is seen wearing a hybrid of rogue clothing and a coatless suit with a lot of belts with pockets on them. Stepping next to the creatures corpse he pulls out a the hilt of a sword except it didn't have a blade and had a two finder trigger and some buttons on it. He click a button near the guard of the hilt and flicks his wrist outwards, upon doing so it shot out a square and out from that another it repeated this until it shot out a right triangle shaped piece then compressed everything flat causing the blade to be fully formed resembling the blade of a retractable utility knife. Then pressing on the trigger the edge of the blade began to heat up now a fire orange he raised the blade up above his head as the beast started to twitch and move, then cutting through its neck in a clean over-head swing cauterizing each end of the neck. Letting go the spine of the blade shot out steam as the heat was syphoned out from the blade he quickly closed it up and clicked it onto his waist. Moving his googles off his eyes and onto his forehead he got a good look at the beasts head then looked over to the people that were talking, noticing how far the blood went. Grabbing the head and pulling out a few rags he quickly moved over to the people "Sorry about that! I didn't realize I was making such a mess" he said as he handed a rag or two to each of them to wipe off the blood from their boots and pant legs. Upon looking at them more carefully it seemed that the man sitting down was a Mercenary and the shorter person was a Halfling that seemed to be a postal worker of some sort. "You're a postal worker right?" he asked the halfling "where's your escorts? I saw some people in there through the window but they don't seem very capable of defending goods from beasts and such" he said as he flopped down with the head pulling out a Knife and digging through the brain cavity.
Jackson Rampart (played by TemtoeZ)

*Sorry i meant to post that as jackson*
Slappy was about to conclude his business and hadn't even noticed the wolfman. He heard the shot fired. Only then did he look up and see the downed beast and the man holding the gun that had shot it.

"Um, indeed," The halfling replied when the shooter asked his occupation. He assumed the newcomer had seen him delivering packages and letters earlier as he has no uniform or anything else identifying him as such (OOC: please read my character profile for a physical description). "My escort? Well, he's sitting in front of me."

Slappy nods towards Kino on the bench. He takes a sip from his mug and rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Of what people do you speak exactly," the halfling asked looking around puzzled, in response to the second part of the question. "Do you mean the townsfolk sitting inside in the tavern dining room, I assume? Why would they? They are but commoners and my safety is not their business or concern nor are any of them under my employ."

He glanced through the window at the patrons busy eating and chatting before turning his attention back to the newcomer who had taken it upon himself to join them on the bench uninvited while cutting into the slain beast's head. The hobbit made a disgusted face. He looked to Kino for a reaction.
Jackson Rampart (played by TemtoeZ)

"Well that is what I meant , and well usually postal workers have a escort group which is why I was asking" he said before ripping out a black rock from the beasts head. pulling out a bag, he dropped it in and let out a whistle. in a few minutes a raven flew down with a tag on its leg and a satchel on its back. it hooped over to him and quickly pulled out a eyeball from the beasts head then flew off with the bag towards the bounty station. "Well then to get rid of this thing" he said as he got up walking into the tavern holding up the beasts head as there was a shout of joy erupting from it then low joyful music. i walked out from the bar wiping the brain fluid off my arms. "So you need some escorts right? I'd be good if you'll have me, I mean I'm good with tools and can help with any repairs and modifications needed, as well as protection from bandits as you can see from my handy work over there". Pointing back at the beasts corpse.
Cleo Anh (played by AlanisLy)

Cleo walks through the crowd of people passing by, having to dodge some of them since she was going the opposite way of most of them. It didn’t take her long to become aware that they were scampering away from something in the same direction she was walking to but didn’t pay any mind. Obviously, she was going the right way.

Removing her hands from her jacket pockets, she comes across the startling sight of a corpse of some type of beast? As Cleo nears the tavern, she spots a group of men talking amongst themselves, stopping a few inches away from the bunch.

“Hi, I’m Cleo. Are you all hiring?”
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate) Topic Starter

Kino witness what that lad with the Goggles does to that beast which It didn't faze him but just watch with interest sight. Kino got a little blood on his coat as he wipe it with a rag that the lad gave to him.

After listening to this lads words about escort stuff, Kino take a stand which he was bigger and stare at the lad.
"Surely you know that this Halfling hired me first to be his escort since I'm capable with fighting any bandits or beastlike which I can deal them by myself"
He's being dominiant on what he is capable of.

Then his attention changed to Cleopatra which quiet confuse him
"He's right," The halfling agreed. "I have a bodyguard already."

"I'll hire you then," A husky short human said interrupting the group. He had long braided red hair and a thick beard. He wore colorful striped pantaloons. "I am Ren O' Star, though most call me Big Red. I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. I am a merchant from the far east. Are you traveling north postal hobbit?"

"Indeed," Slappy replied.

"Excellent. As am I," Big Red replied. "There is safety in numbers. I would like to travel with you and follow your wagon if I may until our paths diverge. While you have a bodyguard, I do not. "

"You can caravan along with my wagon if you like," Slappy said thoughtfully, rubbing his chin as he finished his ale.

Ren turned to the man with the goggles. "I saw your handy work taking down the wolfman. I'll hire you if you seek work," Ren informed the gunslinger. He then turned to Cleo. "And what sort of work do you do, miss? If you have useful skills then I will consider you as well."
Cleo Anh (played by AlanisLy)

(Sorry for the late reply, had a family emergency :p)

She smiles at the man before answering, trying to mask the fact that she was nervous. “Well, I know Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, gun-slinging, Krav, and Muay Thai. I’m also a fast learner so that means I can learn how to use weapons with ease- I’m also a medic... if that helps my case.”

She decided to leave out her supernatural powers, feeling as if it wasn’t necessary to say those. Surely if they were looking for beings with “powers” there would have been a notice, right? Cleo glances at the other two men, then back at Ren, looking down before continuing through an embarrassed slight laugh; “I also have teleportation and fire powers- if that matters anyway…I've never done anything of this sort before, but I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle. I'm a very reliable and dependable person.”
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate) Topic Starter

Kino has been seeing different types of people here. With all this, he decided to call this a night and stands up.

" All this drinking making me tired. Slaps I'll be off to my rented room on this tavern to ease this drinking mind to rest. Also its pleasure meeting you all and night.,"

He went ahead to his room to take a night rest and waited to a dawn of morning.
"Agreed," Slappy replied to Kino. "I will meet you here in the morning. We shall have a hearty breakfast before we head out on our journey. Have a good evening."

The halfling then turns to Big Red. "If you wish to join us, be ready to set out after we finish eating. I plan to depart promptly once breakfast is concluded."

"Aye," The merchant responded. He then turns to Cleo and Jackson. "If you wish to work for me, I will offer 3 coins a day. You are responsible for your own equipment. I cannot guarantee your safety, so join me at your own risk. If you accept those terms, meet here in the morning before the caravan departs."

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