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Not quite reached the lovers status while you're still battling it out as archenemies?

Inseparable brothers at one point, but a familial divide occurs and you side with mom while what you thought was your faithful brother moved away with dad?

Two besties realizing you both think Mr. Suave is too good to be true and now your friendship is on the line while you work out how to go about this?

You just acquired the phone number of a likely friend in your study group, but once you send that tentative first text you receive no reply. Are you being ghosted? Should you send another? How long will this go on?

Off-again, on-again fling with your ex leads to an assortment of confusion, buried feelings, cherished memories, and agonizing uncertainty. Will it stick this time? Will you finally have someone to bring back home to mom and dad for Christmas or will you be chastised for giving this bittersweet relationship too many chances?

I think that about covers it. If this doesn't apply for consideration, I completely understand. I just assumed it would have been a fun explanation to people's (myself included) love for the drama of their characters.

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Kim Site Admin

Unfortunately I think this is too specific. I would suggest using "friend" "acquaintance" or "enemy" and adding a note that describes the depth of that tie. :)
Atheist Topic Starter

I appreciate the advice and do that for the most part, but not all templates post the notations. Some templates just share the connection. I have public notes on some of my connections but they don't show.

I know I could use other templates to remedy that but the ones I do use I use for the happy purpose that they fulfill my character's profile needs aesthetically!

Thank you for responding!
Kim Site Admin

Which templates are you seeing this issue on?
Atheist Topic Starter

I haven't gone through all of them, but so far the ones I'm actively using are "Dossier", the "Hands of Time," "Wolf Howl," and the "Stone" templates. I believe there are more, but I'd need to go through them all. Those are the ones I have found that don't post the notations thus far. I apologize if this is buggin' anyone!
Kim Site Admin

You're not bugging me! I'll see if I can figure out why those templates are misbehaving. All of the official ones are supposed to show the notes if that's turned on in the widget.
Atheist Topic Starter

YEP! That was my bad. I guess I missed that memo. I didn't see the little thing at the bottom that turns that option on. I just kept trying to add them and didn't know it was a little trigger do-dad I was supposed to use. Wow. I feel silly now. All better now. Thank you and goodness, sorry for wasting your time!
Kim Site Admin


I was changing my templates around furiously trying to get my notes to not show up XD This makes more sense!
Atheist Topic Starter

Yeah, I was an ignorant putz, but now I am learned. Thank you for the lesson! It changes everything for me now! Be well! <3
Kim Site Admin

You are a-okay, and in good company! Many people have missed that option before you! :)

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