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Hey Everyone!

I am creating this forum to simply ask for some creative inspiration. My first love on this site was group rp. I got really close with the initial group that I rp’d with but as you can imagine, groups sort of fade away after awhile. I was in that rp when I was in high school so as you can imagine all of the other individuals were also in high school and it was sort of a “magic school” for people with special abilities. I know that is a very common group rp theme but I just thought it was so fun!

I’ve far outgrown that kind of RP but wondered if you guys had any ideas for a more adult group rp. I want to create dynamic relationships and I usually stick within the modern, romance and supernatural side of things. I do occasionally enjoy action, mystery and thrillers.
My first introduction to text based RP was also a group forum setting! It was another standard for the genre, a high fantasy style world that I also feel I have currently outgrown.

That being said, I have a "setting" character page that I will sometimes use to try out different character ideas and personalities that I am not quite ready to commit a full page to. I went out of my way to try and create a town that would fit as many different possible situations as possible. That being said, I would categorize it in the modern supernatural genre for the most part. The full page can be found here.

If anything or anyone there grabs your eye, I would absolutely be open to a story together. If not, please still feel free to look around for your own inspiration!

Other ideas that I have had recently for good group stories have included things from the Cthulu Mythos, Steampunk adventures, and one about a group of nightmare hunters trapped in the world of dreams. All of which I would say might fit the genres you listed.

Hope to hear from you and that you find all the inspiration you need!


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