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Frank Efferson (played by Juls)

I saw this elsewhere on the web and enjoyed it! Write a description of your character or their adventure as if it was a Netflix movie description.

(Not required, but if you want to use this template, it is rather fun!

Dralt (played by Libertine)

well this was absurdly fun, thank you
Come Feast or Famine [click for animation] (featuring art by Kelgrid)
Opening theme: imagine slow-mo clips of waves crashing against a hull, canons sparking in the dark, chains shattering, a flag waving on a topmast

(featuring art by AtropaGrimm) @Oliver

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Bonus music from Oliver's player: opening intro song

imagine a dramatic series of clips showing the scenic landscapes they traverse alongside the bleak, ominous battlefields, plus slow-mo clips of boots crashing through mud, bayonets shining, poppies in the wind
Rysear (played anonymously)


I actually have a themesong for it that I commissioned a while back.
Azilie Ryld (played anonymously)

This was fun to come up with!


And for theme music:

Theme (remixed): intro wouldn't be too thematic since a lot changes throughout the seasons/episodes. so it would be closer to how Game of Thrones or Stranger Things do it, just the title appearing in a funky way! Here's the entire album, has good themes for other show parts too!


Theme (remixed): would have slow, very noir-styled shots of a shadowy office, mysterious notes and post-its on walls, Randle's cigarillo smouldering in an ash tray, his gun glistening on his desk, maybe a classic through-the-blinds shot of his pondering face, case files, etc.
Juls Topic Starter

I love all of these! <3
Letitia Blackert-Trousdale (played anonymously)

Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls) Topic Starter

Iskandar (played by hexblading)

This was really fun to do! Tried my hand at this, it's hard to do when you're getting all excited.


As for an opening song, this fits, I guess?
Juls Topic Starter

Elmer Stroud (played by Juls) Topic Starter

Dominick (played by Varian)

Juls Topic Starter

I didn't even think about changing the title color/font, Varian. It looks so good!
Juls wrote:
I didn't even think about changing the title color/font, Varian. It looks so good!

Thank you! It seems like I've seen a few real Netflix titles with their own logos before, so that's why I tried it out. :)

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