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Pronouns: They/Them only.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral!
Though, I respect boundaries and do not tread them!

Good day! Thank you for taking the time to come by my profile.

I'm Hex, a hobbyist artist with lots of characters, but hopefully I'll have enough time between work and recovery to upload them all. Looking forward to write with other people on this site!

Please note that the art in my characters' profiles have either been professionally commissioned or drawn by me. They are properly credited in their respective galleries.

If you'd like an RP, please at least read my character's profile and not expect them to fill a role you wish them to for yours.

Feel free to DM me your memes.

TheFLock2.pngAlways watching, always listening,
Eyes never shut.

Added note: If we have not interacted before, your friend request will be rejected. Please respect my boundaries; if you wish to make friends with me, say hi first.

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Rave Reviews

A'sallit (played by hexblading)
A mighty, ruthless and absolutely kick-ass pirate who is at the same time suave and has an erudite, inquisitive soul? The moment I read Sallit's profile I was absolutely charmed by this great character of Hex's. He's a father, a lover, a killer, a medic, a criminal, a man of honor - and much more besides, and posts with him are always an absolute joy to read! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - cri86titanium
Even though we haven't gotten to RP together yet (which is prolly a precaution taken by fate 'cause we'd simply be too powerful), I only got nice 'n fond feelings with this awesome creator! Hex is a madly talented artist, character-builder and writer, and all the times that we've interacted, be it in hilarious meme speak, tea exchange or Greenroom shenanigans have been simply stellar. Cheers, buddy, you go!! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - GarnaalProductions

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