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This is my OC I thought I could use for the new game!
I would like a canon character, it can be from any game but we will use the newest game setting.


About: Lucky is a animatronic that was forgotten in the back of storage of the new Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria.


Lucky was shut down in the back of the Pizzarias storage room, forgotten, until one day Vanessa took her out of storage and into a main show room and powered her on.
Lucky moved a little and looked around, she jerked a little. “Powering on..” she said softly, she looked at Vanessa. She had a faint smile. “Hello! I’m Lucky! I’m a animatronic to help kids with special needs or that need attention.” She said.

After Vanessa finished setting her up, the late night she slowly walked around to see where she was. The place was amazing. She walked into Y/C. “Hello im Lucky.” She said. “Sorry I bumped into you.” She added.

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