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Summary: Juncture, the final country that has a slightest shred of hope for any mortal life to have any sort of life. A place where it isn’t swarming with beasts, madmen, or demons. At least nothing alarming. The gods have abandoned us, as stated by priests and any that believe in them.

But the last church is making a desperate prayer for their final push against the sudden uprising of the monstrous army. One last god that they believe that isn’t against them. Should the prayers be answered, perhaps they’ll be able to win this war that was waged against them. The prayers are happening as of now, right inside, many joining in to contribute to the cause.

Your role: Whatever you wish it to be and what they contribute to the story and the final push is up to you. I’m open to just about anything.

Genre: 1x1, anime, fantasy, romance (optional), adventure, action

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