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Does anyone on here do any sort of crafts? I’m only asking as I am a crocheter, trying to get back into knitting too (have to reteach myself and kinda need help) and I do all these other little crafts outside of crochet and knitting though I have no one to talk about these things with outside of my counselor. I mean I love talking about what I am doing, what I have done in the past and all these things I could possibly do in the future. I don’t have anyone to talk to about these though…. I also want to hear what all of you do for crafts when you aren’t doing your role plays on here.

Another thing that I want to talk about regarding these crafts are places I could possibly get my things out there…. Since it’s Winter still I can’t really do a yard sale and I have a place where I can only sell a few things at because that place is where yoga is held and that’s where some of my items are useful at. I got Etsy though haven’t posted anything on it YET, will tonight, but I want some ideas where else I could sell these things besides Facebook which I deleted at the beginning of this year.

But anyway uh yeah…. Kinda need help and want someone to talk to about this.
Hello! :) I love embroidery, cross stitch in particular. I also periodically dabble in pyrography; my other half does a fair bit of wood turning, metalworking and leatherworking but I haven't tried those.

I've only briefly attempted crochet & knitting - definitely preferred crochet but other than a basic scarf I can't do much, haha.

I do want to get myself a loom this year at some point and have a go at making my own fabric. Not sure where I'll find the time!

With regards to selling online, I do recommend focusing on just one platform and making your shop as good as possible (high quality images for each listing, a good number of different listings, make your shop's SEO- Search Engine Optimisation- as good as possible).
I do needle felting. I also sometimes make things out of paper clay which wouldn't really work to felt. (Shiny objects like crowns, hard objects, etc.)

I think needle felting is my main craft, but sometimes I get the itch to try new ones. I love working with my hands.

These are some examples of my work:

There is a Discord server for crafters. You can find it in one of the pinned topics of r/needlefelting since one of the mods on that subreddit is the admin. I'm not affiliated with the server, it's just the only place I know of that isn't a subreddit... It's called Crafty as Heck. I don't know if I can link it here though.
Sanne Moderator

I'm a huge, huge knitter!! I love knitting plushies and garments. :D I can crochet, but I don't really enjoy it as much. I do enjoy Tunisian crochet though!

Some stuff I've knitted/Tunisian crocheted




I'm not really sure where to sell fiber craft projects outside of Etsy, sorry. I just do this as a hobby and only sell things to friends in most cases.
Etsy and Raverly are what some of our friends (outside of this site) use so you could try Raverly.... You can also use Instagram, TikTok and possibly YouTube (not sure if that will work out but you can try). Since you got back on Facebook you can try selling your things on there too if you are willing to try that again.
Etsy is on strike I think, or it was last I checked, but there are some Facebook groups that do art and crafts sales. I dunno where they are though. :D

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