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It would be really awesome to have one or two custom relationship options, in case of things like frenemies, or estranged family, coworkers, employees, or other complicated relationships that don't neatly fit into the acquaintance, friend, enemy, or family categories.
Seconded :)
I think this has been requested and rejected multiple times before, since the category names (how they display on the profile, at least) are editable; and notes can be added to each character listed, functionally allowing infinite special-case identifiers. You'd only have to determine which category best fits in a broad sense.

Anyone who's primarily an antagonist or obstacle to your character can be counted as an enemy. Family can include estranged family, found/chosen family, legal/adoptive or foster family, etc. Coworkers, employees, etc easily fit into acquaintances (really anybody the character has ever met can, technically), and just moved to a different category if that other category better describes how your character feels about the relationship. And yeah, you can use the notes to specify "this person was a co-worker at this place," "that character was my boss at that place," etc; or just stating the more specific kind of relationship, or going into more detail about it, whatever works for you.

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