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Hello there!
I'm not sure how to give this thought a proper title, so I better explain what I had in mind:
When creating a new character, the Wizard guides you if you want to and the other option is to start form scratch.

I was thinking about a third option - or completely separated from this choice - because I thought I would love to be able to do it and maybe there would be more people who'd be interested in this. I have no idea how much work it would take to make this happen, if there are things that would go wrong or any other reasons against this option, but I thought I'd share to find out!

The idea is to either set up a template profile to start from or be able to copy a whole profile which will function as a template.
Like an empty profile with only place holders for titles, images and information, text, and so on - but the pages are already there, the widgets are already there, depending on how I set up the template to copy the empty form from.

I'm not even sure how to describe what I mean, so feel free to ask if I didn't make it clear enough.
And if you know what I mean, I'd love to hear if it would be possible - or even asked for by other people (or if I am just too lazy while still wanting like the same kind of setup for different profiles?)
If this is a weird suggestion, I'm really sorry and it can of course be deleted or closed. I didn't mean any offense!

Many greetings!
Claine Moderator

You can already kind of do this by coping a widget from a pre-existing character.

Edit the widget you want to copy.
Select the button 'copy' in the lower left corner of the widget.
Select 'Copy to a Different character' on the next page.

It's not exactly a preset template, but it's a pretty quick way to copy a general layout over.

(And if you have a character slot you use for template testing or so forth you could possibly use it to store all the templates for future copying :) )
Sin-fonie Topic Starter

Ooooooooh :D
Thank you so much, I didn't even know that!
But that's great and perfectly sufficient - thank you a lot for telling me ^_^
This is practically what I wanted to have, just didn't know it already was there.

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