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In an alternate universe and timeline, warriors like Goku and Vegeta never exsisted, but the alien warrior race known as the Saiyans do exsist. Unlike the ones from the 6th Universe, these Saiyans were a peaceful race. Strict, but fair as well. One of these Saiyans is an unusual one and he goes by Roxas. Most Saiyans were born with black hair and eyes, but Roxas was born with black hair with 4 red bangs and blue eyes. No one and not even Roxas himself knew that he was a Half Breed of a Saiyan and a God.

One day completing a rescue mission, Roxas was heading back to Planet Sadala after the mission was over. He wanted to head back home and continue his Saiyan training as he had this inner feeling that something was going to happen to his home.

"I can't let my guard down." Roxas said to himself. "I just have this gut feeling that something omninous is going to happen."

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Callico (played by Reithesniper)

Calli Teleported next to Roxas
"Hey Roxas, how did you mission go?"
She smiled, tho she did look restless
Super Saiyan Omni God, Roxas (played by SSJOmniGod) Topic Starter

Roxas turned around to see Calli teleporting beside him. "Hey, Calli! It went pretty good. We just saved a wounded Saiyan. It's always nice to help those in need." Roxas replied aa he went to his own training area. "I was wondering if you would like to help me train."
Callico (played by Reithesniper)

"of course, i have some things ive been working on myself i need to test"
She stepped in after him
Super Saiyan Omni God, Roxas (played by SSJOmniGod) Topic Starter

Roxas stood in front of Calli and got into his fighting stance. "Show me what you got, Calli!" Roxas called out to his fellow Saiyan.
Callico (played by Reithesniper)

"Alright, hope your good with weapons being used"
A Axe made of Ki energy appeared in her hand
"cause i really don't care"
She swung the axe straight down

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