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Hey there and welcome to Freddy's Pizzeria after hours! Join as a canon character or as your own oc whether it be an animaronic or security guard!

Canon Characters:
Sundrop/Moondrop (Taken)
Glamrock Chica (Open)
Roxanne (Open)
Monty (Open)
Frazbear (Open)
Vanessa (Taken)
Gregory (Taken)
Sundrop And Moondrop (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

"Awww, where are all the kids going? Don't they wanna stay here?", whined Sundrop, who stood in the doorway of the Daycare. "They're going home and thank God for it too!", groaned Moondrop, who was laying down at the end of slide. Sun turned to Moon and scowled. "Well, sorry that your a grump who hates kids..." Sun turned back to the the door, watching all the young children leave and head back home while Moon rolled his eyes. He'd never understand Sun's adoration for kids, and frankly, he didnt care why.
Project 364 (played by Osris)

(Projects nickname is Lucky)

Lucky was shut down in the back of the Pizzarias storage room, forgotten, until one day Vanessa took her out of storage and into a main show room and powered her on.
Lucky moved a little and looked around, she jerked a little. “Powering on..” she said softly, she looked at Vanessa. She had a faint smile. “Hello! I’m Lucky! I’m a animatronic to help kids with special needs or that need attention.” She said.

After Vanessa finished setting her up, the late night she slowly walked around to see where she was. The place was amazing. She walked into Y/C. “Hello im Lucky.” She said. “Sorry I bumped into you.” She added
Gregory (played by Jblg31)

He ran across the daycare quickly trying not to attract sun drop or moon drop's attention, he was just trying to hide.
Sundrop And Moondrop (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

Sundrop looked at the new animatronic with suspicion. He than smiled and gave her a small wave. "Well, hello there, Lucky! Welcome to the Pizzeria. I'm Sundrop an the cranky guy over on the slide is Moondrop, but feel free to call us Sun and Moon!" He smiled in a friendly manner. As Moon looked up to give Lucky a half-hearted nod, he noticed some movement. He got out of the slide and walked over to where he saw the movement. He bent down and picked Gregory up by the collar of his shirt. "What do ya think you're doin' in here, Gregory? I swear if you made Monty or Roxanne mad again I let them have ya!" Moondrop set Gregory down in front of him and placed his hands on his hips, looking down on Gregory. Sundrop turned around to see Moon setting Gregory down and walked up behind him. "Now lets be nice, Moon. Gregory, you know you cant hide in here." Sun patted Gregory's shoulder then sent him out of the daycare.
Gregory (played by Jblg31)

Gregory turned around after being pushed out of the daycare and stuck his tongue out at moon drop, but then smiled at sun drop. He turned towards the exit and left towards the main area off to do whatever he needed to do.
Sundrop And Moondrop (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

Sun smiled back at Gregory. Moon charged at Gregory when he stuck his tongue out but got clothes-lined by Sun as he stuck his arm out to keep him from attacking Gregory. "What the Hell, Sun?! Did you not see what he did... Oh when I get my hands on that brat-" Moon was soon cut off by Sun who had smacked him on the back of the head. Moon looked over at Sun who had the look of someone who was trying not to throw hands. "Well, dearest Moon, if you hadnt treated him like a rat or some kind of bug, maybe he woudnt tease and/or make fun of you! Just go back to your slide and take a nap or something." Moon mumbled something under his breath as he walked back to the slide, crawling in and crossing his arms like a child who's pouting.
Gregory (played by Jblg31)

Gregory was in the center of the pain part of the pizza plex when he sat down to take a break. after a bit he got up and walked to Fazer-Blast. while inside he decided to play a couple rounds.
Sundrop And Moondrop (played by BugIsTired) Topic Starter

Sun decided to hop in the ball pit and sit there, color coding the plastic balls. Moon rolled his eyes at Sun and got out of the slide, walked over to the entrance of the daycare and leaned on the doorway. He glared at nothing in particular, though he hoped Monty wouldnt come near the daycare, he wasnt all that fawn of him.
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Gregory (played by Jblg31)

Gregory walked into the daycare area but not inside. "Hey, sun drop?" he said while looking around
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