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I was wondering if there was any sort of Spotify playlist embed available on RPR and, if so, what the code for it is?

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I want to know the answer to this as well, so I will follow in pursuit of answers. 😊
Edit: For what's currently available, pretty much all tags that work on RPR are listed here. Other than image embeds, that currently only includes YouTube and Vimeo.

Not against this, but tossing out a potential concern: after many times of trying to share stuff on Spotify with a friend on Discord, which is able to pretty automatically embed them just fine, I discovered that because he didn't have a Spotify account, it would only ever play a sample of the track for him.

It's left me confused because it'll play the whole track for me even when I don't think I'm logged in to Spotify anywhere (I certainly don't have it connected to Discord). I can listen to the things other people share, too. But... apparently, not everyone can.

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