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((Just a misc. idea I have for fun. Anyone can ask anything from my mermaids OC-s. They are ready for your questions.))
Nevera 'BloodFox' Arcanaveil (played by Tor-Nithal)

From a mishap with a teleportation spell, BloodFox was transported into the middle of ocean. She screams as she falls to the ocean surface water before casting a spell and landing feet first on the water as if it were land. She then looks around to see where she was... she had no clue. "Damn old man, he said had that spell written correctly. I'll give him a piece of my mind later." She looks around again and then notices a trio of mermaids just staring at her because she just basically fell from the sky "Oh! Mermaid! I've heard tales of you beautiful creatures. So what's it like living in the ocean." The blood colored Kitsune seemed to immediately forget she was basically stuck here
The Mermaid Trio (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

There were three mermaids looking at the Kitsune in shock. One inmediately hid shyly behind the two others. She resembled a Japanese Sleeper Ray: she had a vertical, dull reddish brown tailfin, her arms were connected to her body with her ray-like fins. The color of her tailfin also spread onto her back. She had blonde hair tied into twin buns, bright blue eyes and pointy reddish-brown ears. She also wore a pair of starfish to cover her chest.
The second one was more peculiar: Her tailfin was also vertical, but is more similar to that of a tadpole. Her upper body was covered by an armor of osteoderms (bony plates), which spread from her waist up until her chin. Due to this, she didnt need to have any clothes, since said armor gave her a degree of decency despite being the part of her body, covering up even her chest. Her lower arms were not fully covered, instead she had larger plates on them acting as kind of armguards. She also had short, sandy-brown hair and emerald green eyes.
The third mermaid had the traditional horizontal tailfin, with yellow reptilian scales (which covered her body up until abover her chest) and purple fins. Her body had a slim but muscular build. She also had purple webbing between her fingers, fins even on her ankles and a long lighter purple head headfin which acted as her hair, reaching down past her hips as it split into two. Even her ears were long and fin-like. Her eyes were bright purple and she also had a pair of short stubby horns on her forehead.

"Can we help you?" the purple finned one asked, before the armored one immediately answered:

"Well, being in the ocean is awesome, you wouldnt know when would adventure find you."

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