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Look I'd love to RP with you people and all, but damn you are like nova RPing. i cant keep up with that! I am way to straight forward for that much explanation, i can expound but i mean like its not a book and a half....I don't think i will be much appreciated here because of my lack of skill.

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Kim Site Admin

What does Nova RPing mean?

There's a pretty wide range of skills here, and an even wider range of styles. One of the things the "pet peeves" thread has been teaching me is how different everyone's tastes are. I see people mention things that are some of my absolute favorite ways to play as their absolute worst nightmare, and other people talk about things that they love more than anything that I would never want to do. It's just a matter of finding other people who like to play the same way as you. There are people who post a full page of text and others who just post a few words at a time. So long as everyone is having fun, I don't think there's any need to fuss over whether you're as skilled as you wish to be yet. Everyone has to start somewhere. :) If the current RPs and RPers make you nervous, maybe try looking around for some players to private message and see if they want to start something with you? There's more than 800 of you at this point. :)

In my personal opinion, aiming for post length just for the sake of length or looking like you're keeping up is a REALLY bad habit. Don't fall into that trap! Just write as much as you need to write in order to effectively communicate. Another thing to keep in mind is that the first few posts of a thread tend to be some of the very longest, because at that point people are still establishing the setting, what their characters look like, AND what their characters are doing (and possibly why, so other people have something to play off of as they join in).

I don't think you'll have a problem finding someone to roleplay with. My own post lengths fluctuate wildly. Sometimes, yes, I even post one liners, while sometimes I post multiple paragraphs. It depends on what I have to tell you.

Basically, ditto Kim.

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