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So, I decided to make a new character that is a Necromorph-Human hybrid, but I can't think of a history for her so I wanted to try doing some rps with her to help me come up with ideas more on who she is as a person and what her background is.

I have an idea. I have a character I was thinking about a long while back. He would slowly take the aspect of a 'demon' over a period of time, growing scales, claws, things of this nature. The two characters could have an adventure along a dark path, seeking powerful items, researching something, or wanting to help a cause.

This character would be a human. Alternatively I could play an Orc, female or male, as a destructive mage. Alternatively I could play a troll that works with spiritual magics. My last character idea would be a werewolf, male or female. Perhaps a healing support type. All of these characters would enjoy the pleasure of going on an adventure Darlia.

I could develop a story with any of these characters, have a decent plot, go in all sorts of directions. Be it a story with battling, relationships, moral choices, puzzles, adventure, mystery, and or danger. I can make it happen.

Wow. It all sounds actually very interesting.
I have only done a bit of a rp with Darlia but what I got for her so far is that she is a test subject that is still being tested on but is ignorant on it, being tricked to believe it is for the greater good and she works to help fund the research.

For the rp, we could try having it that she realizes that it was all lies and she needs to run away and that's when the adventure really takes off.

My stories tend to be medieval based, in a world dominated by technology (gunpowder rifles, cannons, castles.) With magic existing and trying to thrive (Straggling groups of mages casting fireballs, elves keeping nature well.)

I could create an area in my world where dark mages and warlocks testing Darlia and putting her to work. The greater good is always held up by great power, dark or otherwise. I need to know how big this testing spans. Is this a major civilization that is testing you, or something about the size of a city, town, recreational center, someones basement? This will help judge a few things. Also would you like my character to come in and help you escape or find you after you escape?

I suppose the real question is: is this research and escape part of the adventure to come, or part of her past? To be honest it would be easier for me to come up with an idea once she has escaped. The downside is that this idea may not hold as much meaning to Darlia.

My character could rescue her, help her, or be out to destroy this research for 'goodness sakes' or loot the place for its power. It could be personal or impersonal.

To be honest I'd rather Darlia have jut escaped and she runs into my character and we take it from there, but I plan to work with you.

It is a small group that works on her, just five people that work together on her while also having her work small jobs to fund the lab, though they have a hard time figuring out more accurate ways of hiding her claws because they want them to remain hidden along with who she really is.
As for the escape, I am fine with it happening in the past. What I can think of at the moment is that the lab has been found out during a time she wasn't around. It will be ransacked and all those who work there will be taken away. Since there isn't a record on Darlia, they won't be able to locate her. So then she will return back to the lab and, while searching for the others, she looks through the papers, reading all that they wrote down and planned. She will end up being hurt and angry so in her fit of rage, she escapes and beings to travel away. She then will run into your character.

Wonderful. We now need my character in order, what Darlia does after the lab is in ruin, and a name for the story.

Do you have any opinion on my character options I gave before? Do you want a more supportive type, a do it themselves, or someone that needs a supportive type?

Darlia may stay at the location, travel somewhere else, or something else entirely. After a bit of time has passed then my character will come into the story.

My character will affect the name of the story, as well as yours. Dark travelers. Civilized Monsters. Darlia&(name here). I am up for any ideas.

With Darlia, seeing as she is still a naive person, she'll end up needing someone who is supportive but wont sugar coat anything. In better words, someone who has seen a great deal of pain but still has a kind side to them, rough-around-the-edges type of person. It will help match up with their personalities and also grow to change Darlia and make her become stronger mentally.

I shall have my Orc male. Dark green skin, muscular human muscles, a dark helmet, a bone lasher (whip) ,a large maw with lower tusks, shirtless with a robe bottom (Long 'manly' skirt), satchels around his belt (Bags), dark mail boots, Mauldam as his name, he casts dark magic and uses his lasher to harm his foes and keep their fate absolute, ruthless in combat, not incapable of relationships.

How does that sound? He should be a blast to spend time with. Mild violence warning with him though.

As for the name of the posts. Outcasted Beings ?

Is your character's necromorph side like, Dead Space style or something? Don't mind me haha, just curious is all. XD

Ace: Wonderful! He sounds like fun to rp with. As for the title, that sounds good to me. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I had went to bed.

Sufyan: Look at her picture. XD She has a more human like bod but with the Necromorph claws and that mouth thingy in her chest, along with a multitude of tiny tentacles.

So are you sure you are ready for the forum? I am about to make it and I thought I would ask while you can still turn back.

I ask that you can post regularly, like at least once or twice a week if not more.

During breaks like this week, I'll be able to post much more quickly but during school week, I only have my laptop on the weekends. This week I am off form school and I start back up next week. I will try to reply when I can, if I don't reply with in a week or two, it probably means I have been grounded or have forgotten. It is best to check my activity on my profile to see if I had replied to any other rp of recently.

How much does Darlia know about 'the world' It would be nice know.

She only knows a little bit form the different jobs she works and what the men who work on her have told her.

It has begun. Let the roleplaying commence.

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