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Hi I'm looking for a cute summery RP where my characters are foreign exchange students who just moved to a new town! If I get enough people I'll start a separate topic.

I'd like to have a go at this!

I'd be interested!

The golden number of people is six, one for each character. Three girls, three guys.

I'd be willing to join in :)

Okay, so just one more girl and two more guys and we'll be set!

Here are the characters, you guys can pick who you're the most interested in. Their profiles are there and I'm going to add a brief description of each one if anyone needs it. Remember that this is AU and everybody here is from a fantasy setting, so ignore the weapons and any other high tech things like that.







I'm probably going to use Marina. And I think either Lux or Dimitri would be interesting to interact with her.

Kassandra will be my pick. Just wondering, what are we choosing characters for? :)

I could join!

For shipping purposes

Oh! I see. The way you said that gave me my first laugh today. XD

Okay so I'm just going to say now that a few of these guys have been in relationships and broke up so that's a little dramatic.

But you'll find that out as time goes on.

So I think Kass and Chris will do well together as well as Crystie and Dmitri. I'm still debating about Tolora, because I feel like she would go well with Gil's optimistic personality but could also deal with Lux's angsty ways.

But I think that Marina and Gil would get along, but I don't think that her creator approves, so she'll probably end up with Lux.

It would be fantastic if we got two more guy characters!

If anyone has anymore guy characters that'd be great!

I'm not against Gil. Marina just does well with angsty people or people who are a little harder to get through to.

That makes sense! Lux is probably the most angsty even if he doesn't show it all that much. I feel like Gil could roll with anyone.

I'm afraid I'll be leaving soon for a while and won't be able to do this.

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Forums > Looking for RP > Cute Summer RP? (CLOSED)