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I'm currently looking for users interested in NOT being the hero of the story, yet remaining equally important for this channel group:

What am I looking? Pretty much anything~

A Chaotic, maniacal criminal with an insane obsession with creating the ultimate weapon?

Ruthless megalomaniac in the quest for power?

Interested in controlling and ruling "the world"

A creature of lies and deceit, able to turn, bend and break others for your own gain?

Only a few limitations though; Deities, Magic or anything too unrealistic -- I'd need to have a look at it first. Feel free to comment your ideas~

How about mien doctor? :3

You know, I kind of want to try being a villain... May I give it a try? :3

And here I thought "Villains-R-Us" was a Villain-themed group RP! Or maybe it serves both proposes.

Time to go fishing then ('cause what are the odds fishes would jump onto my lap?)

May I still give it a go? I don't want to apply as a villain on the one page just yet...

I have an interest in this, my character Darren is really the only villain I currently use but I can make a new ome.

Sent a PM to those who have posted. Feel free to post in here if you're interested to play a Villain at !

So the villain I use can be of any type?

My character is pretty villainous

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Forums > Looking for RP > *Seeking Villainous Characters!*