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Looking for people who will be dedicated to the operation and completion of this RP!

Maps will be provided as soon as possible!

Three hundred years into the future a great war erupts. Two factions emerge from the burning cities and fallen countries. One of these is the Sinari, a radical group seeking to establish a tyrannical rule over the world and kill anyone that opposes them. Those fighting the Sinari are called the Spero Alliance, a well equipped and well trained alliance formed by the countries still standing and not yet under the control of the Sinari. As the war rages on, the Spero Alliance has battle plans that may lead to victory.

Take control of a group of soldiers and put your leadership and tactics to the test as you take part in the Spero Alliance beach invasion of the Sinari controlled lands. Complete objectives, keep your men alive, and even lend each other aid as you battle around the city in what could be the most important battle in the entire war.

There are three groups to control, each one with different skills and troop numbers. Dice rolls are used for combat and I'll touch on that before we start! You play as the captain of the group to control each soldier under your command (I don't touch them unless they are wounded/shot, etc.). I'll control HQ to give you missions, the enemy to fight (on and off), and an occasional allied unit to help you out. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Shall we begin?

Color Key
One of the 3 playable groups
Allied Groups/units
Enemy Groups/Units

The Southern Resistance Assault Infantry
Some of the last soldiers from a recently fallen country, this group joined the Spero Alliance to help end the war and take back their country. Deployed after te shock infantry, they still have to push through the beach before making their way to the city.
Unit Count: 50
Standard weapon: 3-round burst Assault Rifle, pistol, grenade
Upgrade Points: 20
--Swap rifle for LMG (x1): 2 UP
--Medic: 1 UP
--Swap rifle for Auto Targeting Rocket Launcher (x1): 3 UP
--Body Armor (for all original units): 15 UPS

The 31st Airborne
One of the squads dropped behind enemy lines, their main focus is to eliminate reinforcements and resistance in the city before the rest of the troops arrive. They are meant for in-building combat. Their SMGs are extremely inaccurate at longer ranges.
Unit Count: 30
Standard Weapon: SMG, pistol, grenade (x2)
Upgrade Points: 15
--Swap SMG for 3-round burst rifle (x1): 1 UP
--Swap SMG for Shotgun (x1): 2 UP
--Equip all starting units with body armor: 15 UP

Team Four
Team 4 is the Special Operations group that has been selected to help in the assault of the city. Flown in by chopper just outside of the controlled area, Team 4 comes in a from the city's well defended flank. High tech weaponry and body armor suits help make these well trained soldiers even more deadly.
Unit Count: 10
Standard Weapons: Assault Rifle w/ adjustable fire rate (full & 3-round burst), pistol &silencer, explosives
Upgrade Points: 5
--Swap for LMG (x1): 1 UP
--Swap for High Cal. Sniper Rifle (x1): 1 UP
--HUD system for original units: 3 UP
--Swap for Auto Lock Rocket Launcher (x1): 1 UP

Airborne Divisions
Dropped behind enemy lines, these soldiers are tasked with weakening the defenses in the city and preventing reinforcements from reaching the beach. Buy them a drink, they make your lives easier.

Recon Teams
There are several recon teams operating behind enemy lines. Each team has five men and all are tasked with finding areas for other teams to take out.

Assault Teams
The assault teams are meant to take the cities beyond the beach. They land after the Shock Troops and work in smaller 'teams' of about fifty soldiers each.

The Shock Troops
First to fight, first to die, they have adequate training and make the bulk of the invasion force. Just be happy you aren't one of them. They take the most casualties.

Armorred Division
TANKS HOORAH. They'll bust through anything you need help with... if one is around.

The bulk of the Sinari army is made up of low tech rifle men. Their semi-automatic rifles help them have slightly better aim, which they definitely need. They have no set number of of men in a group.

Sniper Teams
Watch the roof tops, because they are watching you. Either solo, or in groups of two, several sniper nests dot the city. You've been warned.

It is said they can smell fear. Hounds are blood thirsty, ill morale, and violent men. They travel in well trained packs of five to ten. Their main goal, kill anything and everything except for their own men (which they usually follow). Although they are all most likely insane, they are skilled in combat. Their high tech suits do not nearly as good as our own, but that and their assortment of guns means they can cause mass casualties.

The promise of money, safety, and even 'freedom' was enough for the enemy to turn some in the civilian population against those seeking to liberate them. With no training and poor equipment, they don't pose much of a threat. They are annoying though.

Defensive Teams
Because these men actually received standard military training, and carry standard military grade fire arms, the Sinari decided to put the few regular soldiers they have to use guarding their cities from invasions. They have the same training and weaponry as Assault Teams. They come in groups of ten, but groups may link up. Be weary, they carry an assortment of weapons and are as effective as our own. What's more, they had time to dig in.

I would love to take part just tell me if I need to make a char sheet with a skill set

You can create a character for this if you would like to, but it isn't a requirement so long as you are human. You'll control every soldier under your command.

Have ye' any questions thus far?

No but I. Just gonna use my char akari even though he's not human I will just say he is xD so ya from this point on he is a human optional and his mechanical arm would go well in rp.

Oh ya! Before we even start can I have team four?

Sure thing. Just select the upgrades for your team and we'll just need two more.

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