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Have you ever thought you've seen something in the starry sky? A string of stars that glisten in the night sky, yet appear to have no importance. Three smaller stars for 'eyes', occasionally disappearing from view. For 8 years, space telescopes tried to find the exact location of these stars, yet to no avail. Now 9 years later, humans that worked those machines have begun to tell of the same strange stars appearing again. They say the stars glisten, they glow , they move. Yet even now, their origin has proved hard to find....

The sun shimmers, setting over the horizon of a thriving field. An orange glow covers the once blue sky, as the sun sets slowly. Nothing so unusual at first, for daily the sun would always cast a glow upon setting.

Even though their origin was proven hard to find, they still were seen. Even if the night was cloudy, these bright string of stars would appear. Why? So bright, that they often outlined something behind the clouds.

The glow fades after a few hours, night coming. Stars began to appear as they usually did. Yet again, they were there. A long series of stars, pulsing and glowing on their own accord. Yet they moved. Yes. 'Moved'. Sometimes spiraling upwards, then moving downwards, they moved. What were they? This peculiar string seemed to be moving down rapidly...Falling stars? No....Something bigger....As this 'string' of stars falls from the starry sky, passing the ground below from above, streaking over heads, glowing brightly, over the heads of those who were watching, before disappearing in the direction of a giant lake westward.

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(This thread is still open...Just posting so people don't have to search forever to find this)

Her thin tiny body lay curled around a shard of an asteroid. Knocked from the sky, Knocked out of her place. The Star Dragon, the Wish maker, was now fallen. She was still unsure of what had knocked her out of her place. What had pushed her into the direction of earth. All she knew was that she was in a place she knew nothing about.

Too weak to try and change into her human form or her true form she was stuck in limbo. In a tiny useless form. Her slim body was about three feet long her tiny legs couldn't lift her body off the ground. The only thing they could do was hold onto the lump of space rock she had crashed in on.

something move over her, causing her to roll. She let out a tiny cheep as she was pushed towards a lake. Her body landed in with a tiny, plop. Being a dragon from space she didn't really need to breathe...but she was the perfect snack for an over sized fish. She let go of the rock, letting it fall to the lake bottom and swam up. She poked her head out before scrambling up onto the water's edge. She curled up. Her dark grey eyes looking out over the water. She trembled as she though of what might have been able to push her into the lake, without touching her.

The line of stars crash into the lake, sending up a wave if water as a large dragon form sinks slowly, disappearing as steam rises to the surface slowly, and silently.

The tiny Wish maker looked on. She wrapped her small body around a root and poked her head over the edge of the lake. Her deep grey eyes scanned the surface, looking for what had caused the wave, a wave she'd barely avoided.

The large dragon figure raises back up to the surface and floats there. A gigantic behemoth wearing a cracked golden mask, where six close eyes could be seen. Long and slim, with a set of large and golden starry wings spread limply as it floated, out cold from impact.

The tiny dragoness blinked as she looked at the massive dragon. Taking a change that the creature wouldn't eat her she slid into the water. Her thin body cutting through it to reach the unconscious dragon. She climbed onto it's mask and tapped one tiny, dull, claw just under one of it's eyes. "Are you ok?" She asked in a soft angelic voice.

It's eyes twitched lightly and a blue eye looks at her kindly. ''Ah yes, nothing more than a starfall. Not much can make me fall out of the skies though. Who're you?''

The tiny dragon sat on the tip of the dragon's nose. "I'm Hoshimi." she told him brightly a tiny smile curling at the corners of her lips. "I'm a Star Dragon, a Wish Maker to be exact." She seemed proud of the fact. Her expression fell and she looked away. Her grey eyes settling on the water. "I fell though and lost my star..." A blue spot on her forehead signaled where the star was meant to be. "And now I'm stuck in this form..." She was a rather young Wish Maker as evident by the pitch of her voice. She was the equivalent of a teen, and just like a teenage girl her eyes filled with tears.

She shook her head and looked down at him. "I'm sorry, you don't need to hear about my problems..."

It chuckles lightly. ''You are talking to Celestial Darkness, celestial dragon guardian. I hear all problems no matter where I may be. I will help you find your star, ok?''

Hoshimi blinked and smiled again. "Really?" She cheeped before hugging his face with her tiny arms. She squeezed as tightly as she could, which wasn't very tight at all. Her eyes glowed brightly as she pulled back. She blushed, her white scales turning pink. "Sorry, I got excited..." She swished her tail. "Thank you, Celestial Darkness."

''Yes, though I fear our fall was seen by numerous humans who watch the skies.''

She frowned when the dragon mentioned humans. Human's had some kind of myth that if they caught a falling star it would grant them a wish. In truth the Star would just die, like the wind Star's couldn't be bound.

''Humans think that I can predict the future, when I rely on the patterns of the stars to read time and space. To forsee any dangers that can occur when they least expect it. They have watched me for years, waiting for me to appear..''

She frowned more. "We should hurry then so We can go back to where be belong and the humans can leave us alone." She jumped into the water. "Wanna go now?" she said with childlike enthusiasm.

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